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Fasted Cardio with black coffee

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  • Fasted Cardio with black coffee

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum. I'm very interested in people's opinion of fasted cardio with a cup of black coffee before hand.

    I normally have one strong cup of black coffee an hour before cardio. I then spend an hour on the treadmill, either jogging at 8km/s for an hour, or an incline walk varying between 7 and 15 percent incline for an hour.

    I've been lead to believe that a cup of coffee before hand is great for burning fat as it tells the body to break down triglycerides in to EFA's and dump them in to the blood steam for burning...

    However, on the other hand, I've been advised that this can lead to adrenal fatigue... I do actually feel tired most of the day.

    All the best,

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    I do it and have been doing it for years. I am healthy and fit and I feel fine. I don't do it deliberately, I just function better on an empty stomach with coffee for added energy.
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      I work out on just coffee, if super hungry a few almonds. I feel it helps.
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        I've had pretty much the same daily routine for several months. The only difference is that I use a splash of cream in my coffee. I had never in my life felt better or been fitter.

        Could it be that you are not eating enough after exercising and that's why you feel tired later on?


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          I do it every day regardless of strength training or sprinting. Large black coffee and two hard boiled eggs w/olive oil. Sustainable, natural and more energy. I have noticed I feel 100X better, increased strength, longer endurance and I do not crash like I used to on energy supplements.
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            I usually feel very energized after working out in a fasted state, whether I'm doing cardio or lifting. If you are tired most of the day, you may not be eating enough calories, or enough fat. Or, you might be going through carb flu. How new are you to Primal?


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              The title of this thread made me *facepalm*... but everyone's different. This seems really dangerous to me--you are working out with energy your body doesn't actually have, but was tricked into thinking it had because of caffeine's effect (blocks ADP, the byproduct of energy production, from entering cells in the brain and letting the brain know the body is tired). I would avoid this... seems very un-Grok to me. "Gee, I haven't eaten in awhile, let me take some stimulants and step onto a hamster wheel to deliberately wear myself down before the day has even begun".... But then, if it works for you, go for it!! If you're tired all day, though, that means it's not working.