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Seasoning skillet - what oil?

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  • Seasoning skillet - what oil?

    I love my skillet.. for the even heat distribution and non-stickiness... I can cook some bacon on it, throw some eggs on after and just wipe it clean without having to prime it w/ butter.

    Before my Primal days, I seasoned it with Crisco vegetable shortening..

    I know with seasoning it essentially bakes the oils into the pores of the skillet to give it the non-stick resiliency, but would it behoove me to re-season with a primal oil? I'm not sure if I'm getting a bit of Crisco with every meal I'm cooking on it...

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    No need or point really. The fats have already polymerized onto the surface. They aren't fats anymore. Since the surface of the pan is already sealed you'd have to strip the polymer off before you could reseason it anyway. (A good scrubbing in soapy water will do that)

    If you want to reseason the pan I'd go with lard, followed up by a few batches of bacon once it's seasoned


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      I am with LX. My cast irons have been used continuously for quite some time and i have rarely seen the need to reseason. From time to time I will take a towel with some bacon grease or lard on it and wipe the bottom of it, but the cooking surface is is usually treated as I cook the meats.


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        When I fry eggs and I have bits sticking to it, I usually scrub it with some baking soda and rinse it and then apply a layer of coconut oil and heat it at the lowest heat for about 15-20 minutes. I've heard keeping it in the oven at 350 works too.