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  • I'm trying a phase of IF at the moment. I really struggle to lose weight, but the one time it's worked wonderfully and effortlessly was a few years ago when a naturopath suggested that I have a very small protein focused breakfast, a big lunch, and no dinner. I worked shifts back then, and it was great. I lost about 20kg.

    Now my husband and I have regular jobs and dinner is a social time for the two of us, so I don't want to do that same protocol again. Instead, I'm having a small amount of fatty protein, or just coconut oil during the day if I want it, and a dinner with whatever primal foods I fancy - including carbs. It's only been a week, but I feel OK so far. Also, counting anything just makes me crazy, so I'm not working to particular hours or macros. Yet another experiment!
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    • Originally posted by Jac View Post
      Also, counting anything just makes me crazy, so I'm not working to particular hours or macros.
      Not counting makes me crazy... or maybe it's more like I am crazy, therefore I count haha

      I know they suggest not to count, so maybe some day. But before I counted, I just had no clue. I was trying to do some things on my own, and just cooking at home and cutting sweet tea helped, but it wasn't until I found sparkpeople with tracking that I started to see any real progress.

      However just the last few days, I quit tracking veggies. Now that was strange. I have been faithfully tracking for almost a year. I have only missed a couple of days. It was nice but also I kept second guessing myself. Cuz ppl say it's still the calories, and if you go over.... and the veggies I had would put me over... (over my range for weightloss, not for maintenance) But then I would remind myself that no, veggies provide onlyenough glucose for their own digestion, so it will be okay not to count it. So that has been different, trying to wrap my head around it.

      On the other hand, it was sort of nice because I could track what I needed and then I told myself I could have however much else of veggies I wanted. If I was still hungry, I could eat unlimited this or this. So that was nice. I mean I know veggies don't have alot of carbs and calories but when you are trying to stay within a certain range, or certain gram, it can all add up over the course of a day. So before if I was maxed out on carbs or calories, but still hungry I would not even think about anything else, but now I have veggie options.

      I can remember when I first started, I found a saying, "if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, you are not really hungry" And I remember thinking at times, omg I can not even eat an apple if I wanted. Too many carbs and too many calories (over my limit for the day) So now if I am close to limits, at least I can eat some more veggies of some kind

      So I do feel a bit free-er now. But it will still take some getting use to. Maybe this is the beginning of weaning myself off of tracking
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      • Hey ladies... I'm new to all this. I kinda IF naturally on most days. Pre-primal I didn't get hungry until around 10am, but there were maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week where I'd be hungry when I first woke up so I'd eat.

        I'm on day 4 of primal right now. Yesterday I went until noon before I ate. I was hungry beforehand, but I'd really like to teach my body to eat twice a day with a mid-day snack. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. I love to cook great meals, but I hate being in the kitchen constantly, so two good meals a day works best for me LOL!

        I ate at 7pm last night and have only had a bite of an egg/ham fritatta (sp) to make sure it was cooked for my 3yr old. I called it egg pizza, she enjoyed that lol

        I am hungry, but I'm ok with powering through it. I've done juice fasts before so this "empty/hungry" feeling isn't anything new to me

        Hope I can stick around, I'm a newb to all this
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        • Did the no breakfast, noon to 8 pm eating window about 3 months after going primal. Worked for me, but when my client schedule changed & I started doing morning sessions, I found that my brain worked better if I had eaten.

          So now I do a loose 8 am to 4 pm eating window. Seems to be working for me & I notice that I don't get hungry as much as I did on the old IF schedule. If I know we are eating out, I will just eat less during the day.
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          • Originally posted by paleo-bunny View Post
            I am finding the same, gopintos. Others have posted how important it is to dial back the fat once you get close to your weight loss goal (I'm assuming you are not far off now).
            Same with me. I still like to try to aim for at least 60g a day, though, just for health reasons, but I can easily achieve that out of my 3000/day caloric burn and still be comfortable with what I'm eating.
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            • dragonfly,

              that's interesting, because DH and I were talking about shifting the window around --or at least mine -- to a 9:30-5:30 window. This way, I can eat at the office (9:30-10:30 when I don't normally see clients, after teaching at 1/2, and then just before teaching again at 5:30), and then be done for the evening. It's definitely an option.


              • It's great for body fat control, but way too stressful otherwise.


                • I don't think it's stressful at all. It's been really great for us on a lot of levels, and -- as i wrote before -- the science seems to indicate that it has anti-aging and many other health properties.

                  I'm considering doing a two-day fast with water, tea, and bone broth (chicken stock, about 75-200 cals/cup). Perhaps before my ILs come.


                  • I also don't find fasting stressful at all.
                    Just the opposite.

                    I IF naturally every day.
                    A day or two a week I do 24 hour fasts for no particular reason it's just how I feel (I don't feel like having any coffee w/ cream that day, just water) ...and have fasted pretty much by accident through just random circumstances to about 36-48 hours several times without feeling stressed by it.

                    As long as I have water to drink I can decide to not eat things like fast food if that is all that is available and go on about my business until a better food opportunity arises. The lack of eating doesn't make me feel stressed at all.
                    The first time it happened I was a bit shocked.
                    I thought I would be ravenous when I finally ate, but then ate a normal portion of food and was satisfied.
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                    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


                    • It's amazing how well water works.

                      I have been drinking like a FISH. so much water. still thirsty.


                      • Since beginning IF, I don't crave food as much, I forget completely about snacks.

                        This past week, however, I feel hunger pangs in the mornings and drink milk tea. Then I can stop thinking about food 12:30pm. We finish dinner 6:30pm the nights before, and unless I eat a lot (stuffed), I generally get this hunger in the mornings. Hunger that persists after tea/water/broth that makes me irritable. A cup of milk tea solves it, and then I feel fine.

                        Funny thing is since becoming comfortable going for longer hours without food, I also stopped overeating at meals.


                        • I agree with you. I cant overeat anymore, and I can really wait for food, rather than go nuts.


                          • I feel the same way. It's no hardship to wait for food, and I tend not to eat more than I did before fasting, really. It's nicely self-regulating.

                            I've also noted that in addition to being great for maintaining weight, people keep telling me that I look "radiant" (and i'm not pregnant!).


                            • Lol, that's great zoebird!

                              Even if IF don't have any health benefits, this appetite regulation makes IF worth it. I've been trying to wean myself off snacking for a very long time. In the past if I managed to skip a snack, I just felt deprived. Now, there's no deprivation.


                              • so we are giving up caffeine and chocolate for the time being. Silly season to do it, but I made some almond-honey candy for us to much on for some sweet (egg white, honey, and toasted almonds).