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  • I don't IF at any set times. I only eat if hungry, sometimes its once a day, sometimes 2 times. Rarely its more often than that though.
    I usually ignore the first hunger pangs for a while, sometimes they go away, but if not I know I am really hungry.
    Hunger is never desperate anymore, its kinda gradual. I like it.


    • Hi everyone,

      I am curious to hear whether any of you has experienced an improvement in PMS symptoms (you know, painful periods, moodiness...) with IF.
      (There is not much research available about this subject, at least not that I've found)

      Thanks a lot!!!


      • I can't say that IF specifically, helped with PMS stuffs but paleo in general sure did help with depression/irritability issues. Specifically cutting sugars and keeping lowish carb.

        I was finished having kiddos so I chose to have a uterine ablation to stop the actual heavy menstruation I had for years. Best decision ever. No periods, no chemicals, all my own hormones still there. I recommend it to all women that might be eligible! It's been a beautiful thing...


        • hi Amy,

          Thanks for your input!