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Healthiest brand of eggs in the UK.

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  • Healthiest brand of eggs in the UK.

    I wondered if anybody knew the best eggs to buy in the UK. I was told to buy organic, or at least free-range.

    The thing is, surely free range eggs without the organic label are just as bad as caged hens? They can still be injected with steroids and fed a terrible diet right?

    As for organic, well these can also be fed rubbish... such as organic grains or something. Omega 3 eggs are the other option but I have read that these are fed high amounts of rubbish to give them their omega 3, rather than getting it from flax and other sensible foodstuff.

    Anyone have the answer? Any brand that you know feed their chickens a suitable diet? I know I maybe overthinking things, but such is my way.


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    Waitrose and Sainsburys are pretty good.

    I get mine from a farm, its cheaper and you know where they come from and all the chickens are free to roam.

    I am sure there will be a farm near you that sells eggs.
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      The thing is, surely free range eggs without the organic label are just as bad as caged hens
      No chance. Have you seen the conditions caged hens live in? I'm not an animal rights agendaist but the conditions they are kept in are truly horrendous. Free range chickens at least have the opportunity to roam free and usually eat some natural foods and as a result the quality of the eggs are vastly superior. Get the best you can for example:

      1 Local, free range, organic eggs
      2 Local, free range eggs
      3 Free range eggs
      4 Barn eggs
      5 caged eggs

      I get my eggs from the market for the week, 2 packs of 15, local, free range eggs, they don't have organic, if they did I would get those. Though if I come across them from time to time I get them instead. Try to avoid the bigger supermakets like Tesco for eggs and meats if you can, I get all my meats from the market direct from a few local butchers.


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        Will check my local market - thank you.


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          Agreed - local markets that are expensive regarding other foods usually offer much better value for money for free-range eggs than the major supermarkets. This is also true of otherwise expensive local convenience stores too that stock locally produced free-range eggs direct from the supplier. Don't know whether this applies to most of the UK though, as I happen to live near lots off farming areas.
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            My eggs come from about 10 minutes' away by bike, free range, 2.50 for 18.

            If I were buying from a shop, I'd go for organic because that guarantees real free range, not just 'we opened the door at the end of a huge shed' free range. And if the hens are genuinely ranging, they'll be eating at least some of their natural diet.

            Also - unlike cattle (or us), birds do OK eating grains.


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              Try independent health food shops, I get 6 local organic for 1.50.


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                Eggs should not have a brand. Could you find someone within a reasonable distance who is raising chickens & selling the eggs? Sorry I'm in the US, not the UK. I buy mine from backyard hobbyists who supplement with organic feed & charge $3/doz.


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                  Originally posted by SpearCarrier View Post
                  I wondered if anybody knew the best eggs to buy in the UK.
                  I can't afford free range organic at present, unless visiting my daughter who keeps organic free range chickens. I buy the free range offerings from Aldi or Lidl.
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