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Sorry..another Vitamin/Supplement thread

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  • Sorry..another Vitamin/Supplement thread

    Hello everyone, I apologize for making another one of these threads, I have done some searching, but would just like a little input.

    First off, there are so many different vitamins/supplements out there, I'd just like to know what exactly is essential? And what brands are good enough?

    As of right now..I do take NatureMade- Vitamin D/Calcium/Magnesium, NatureMade- Vitamin C and LifeExtension Fish Oil. I do also take a garlic pill when I remember.

    I know that eating primal, we should be getting most our vitamins/nutrients that way, but I'll be honest..I'm kind of off the wagon during the holidays..=-/.

    Anyway, I was considering ordering Marks Vital package..the vitamin D and fish oil sounds great, but I'm not too familiar with the probiotic. Is this something I should consider adding daily?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Anyone? Haha


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      Garlic pill can be effective. As I have read so many articles that suggest garlic. It purifies ypu8r blood and keeps your skin healthy.


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        Are you looking to supplement something specific? Energy level low, etc? You're right that you should be getting most of what you need through your diet, and remember that people exist on a SAD diet too. Your body is wonderful at maintaining itself. Take a multivitamin if you must but it is my personal opinion that its unnecessary for most of us doing primal.
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          Well for instance I was considering ordering the primal essentials bundle. It sounds like I can't go wrong with the vitamin d and the omega 3's. the primal flora though? Is this something that would benefit me on a daily basis?


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            if you have trouble digesting food, or had to take antibiotics recently, then sure
            yeah you are

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              I haven't seen any evidence that any other than omega 3 fish oil and vitamin D (if you don't get enough sun) supplements are beneficial.
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