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Death from red meat; another study

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    I don't consider it solid evidence either but it seems to seems to be a reoccurring theme in a lot of studies so I wouldn't rule it out.

    Ron krauss talked about a trial study that showed the high beef and sat fat group dieters had some increased risk markers that weren't present in their other high fat trials.
    Ron Krauss – Saturated Fat? Red Meat? It Depends . . . | Me and My Diabetes


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      It also seems to be a reoccurring them that as the government, drug companies and doctors give out more and more healthcare advice, we develop more and more diseases. I will continue to ignore the general healthcare advice of my doctor and government and simply sticking to whole foods my body recognizes, regular brief but intense exercise and regular exposure to fresh air and sunshine. It seems to be working so far, so why change it?
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        I posted this because it was in the 'most emailed' list in the NYTimes a few days ago. I did not look at the date on the article, which says March 12th! I thought it was a new study, but it's the old one. It's still #4 on the seven days most popular email list, so someone is messing around there.

        As for my research, I feel particularly alive this morning after eating a package of Niman Ranch Corned Beef last night. That stuff is like the cake of beef land! Looking forward to dying from my breakfast of bacon.


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          Another recurring theme in such studies is linking "redandprocessedmeats" as if they were one word. I have yet to see such a study that isolated just unprocessed whole meat. So, if you are comparing people who live on bologna sandwiches with people who eat salmon and broccoli well obviously that skews the conclusions.


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            I like to cook my steaks at very low temperature. I stick a thermometer in them and the oven turns off when the internal temperature is 100 degrees. That's not even cooked. In fact, when I remove the steak from the oven, it's as red as it went in and has this leathery look. Then I sear them. Sometimes my steak is so raw on the inside I can barely bite through the meat. Fortunately, meat doesn't really need to be masticated to be digested.

            I have to tell you that when I eat a steak like this, I feel energized. It's good, healthy food.

            And yeah, read that study again and you'll probably see that they considered processed meat and red meat to be one and the same. I'm sorry but a hunk of nearly raw grass fed (or even grain fed) beef is NOT the same as a bologna sandwich.
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