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      I've started grazing too, and it hasn't affected me much. But isn't it better to be strict in the beginning?

      I would give it a little longer than 60 days. If it still doesn't work after, say, 6 months, then reassess.
      5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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        Originally posted by Romana View Post
        Hi everyone,

        I was wondering if people could point out where I am going wrong?
        You got some darn good advice with this question, some helpful even to a long-time PB'er like me. Please read and re read every comment!


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          Your post was full of good information for Romana, as I think most were. I don't think she was reacting to any but one response that I also felt was unduly harsh and unkind. It is as though that poster hadn't even read the original post. Such people would do well to come from a place of kindness and helpfulness when someone asks a question instead of viewing it as an opportunity to attack.

          Keep up the good work, Romana!
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            I've started grazing too, and it hasn't affected me much. But isn't it better to be strict in the beginning?

            I would give it a little longer than 60 days. If it still doesn't work after, say, 6 months, then reassess.
            To be honest, I had barely managed 40 or so days, so I am reluctant to try to advise someone to stick to it despite adverse effects longer than I did. I know it would take a better woman than I!

            I do Paleo - I feel great. I do Primal - I am barely human. Since both methods are about consuming clean, non-toxic food, and both methods will lead to weight loss with appropriate portioning and food selection, I see no harm in not spending 6 months under water to prove the point...

            The other thing I take into consideration is that the original poster is in a relatively lean state, and going from size 8 (~ 27-28" waist) to size 4-6 (24-25" waist) is not an area were Primal excels done 'intuitively' without a genetic predisposition. If the OP had a genetic predisposition, she would be there posting the: "OMG, I am losing weight too fast, and I am never hungry, how can i stop it, please?"

            Her leanness indicates a relatively clean (or less destructive) diet to start with, so no major damage from diobesity to overcome.
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              Give it more time! In my case I had to start physical exercises - otherwise I was unable to drop any amount of weight. That helped.


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                Originally posted by Leida View Post
                I graze, but I eat perfectly fine food, meat, vegetables, fermented home-made dairy and nuts. My carbs are somewhere between 50 and 80 g. I do not restrict vegetables.

                My measure of success is that when I eat ~ 1500-1700 cals a day with a stable preferred weight, without climbing the walls from hunger; sleep >6 hours a night; have strength and energy not impaired and do not have deep depressive spells about fruit. I normally can achieve it when I go for 1 week or more without sugars.

                Somebody posted a few days back that there are people whose fat burning metabolism is just not there or is damaged beyond repair. I am thinking one can be a sugar burner but achieve a healthy balance, though one has to eat a bit more often and a bit less at each sitting, but the choice of foods is still Paleo.

                In summary, if Primal does not work after 60 days, switching to a classic Paleo and not sweating that you can't eat 1 meal a day is probably not such a bad idea. After all, the change in nutritional behavior is designed to make you feel great, not to make oneself sick.
                Uhm, the diet that you describe is primal, not paleo (paleo being dairy free). It's also creating a fat-burning metabolism, because most of your calories come from fat (since your carbs are 50-80/day).

                The rest of it is about preference in terms of how some people on the boards do primal to meet their own needs/understandings/whatever.

                Intermittent fasting is not a requirement of primal. But, there are some of us who are curious about it and have learned about it and it works and it's nice to be validated. For others, it's not anything too important, so why bother? BUt it's separate from primal/paleo.

                Ketogenic diets and VLC are also specialty 'hacks' of paleo/primal diets. For some people, it's a great opportunity to heal, to burn a lot of fat, or manage seizures, etc. There are lots of reasons. But I've never done that myself.

                I get around 80g of carbs per day on average, and often between 80-100g. I often times carb-load up to 125 (maybe once a week or every few weeks). It's all within the information of the primal blueprint. It's a higher carb PB, but it still ends up being a fat burning metabolism because *the majority of calories come from fat* -- here's a blog about it by mark -- which is the body's preferred fuel.

                So, you are advocating the basic, entry-level primal diet, which i think is great. We know it works. It just does. Some people don't really get right away how basic this process is. It's so simple. Honestly, just start by cutting grains and beans -- don't increase anything really. And then see how it goes. That's all that we did.

                And then we watched, and everything worked, and it's great.


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                  Originally posted by Romana View Post
                  (ps, this diet is less fun than I thought, haha! That doesn't mean I'm going to give up though!)
                  The longer you are at it the more natural it becomes. Its not a question of fun really. For me fun eating is sinful-truely-bad-for-you food.

                  This is an excellant thread with great tips. I wish you the best success. Try not to be frustrated. Research, research and you will be amazed at how much easier it becomes. I will chime in with calories. For most women, its just a necessary evil.

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                    Hello everyone.

                    Oxide: I loved your comment!! Gave me a lot of insight. Ill give it a go and try to force those hormones and then work on the fat or portion control. Cuz certainly the 1200cal per day diet has done nothing but make me sugar crave!!

                    Romana: I totally relate! Thanks for the thread, I got to read real good advice and will try to apply asap!
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                      Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
                      There's a BIG difference between, "it's not working" to, "you are not working it". If you want to make up your own Whole 30 and cheat on this and that, then yeah, it won't work for you. I mean seriously, the PB lays out a simple plan. Either follow it and experience results or alter it to fit 'your lifestyle' and don't see results. The outcome belongs to you. Stop expecting great results if you are not prepared to put in the time nor the effort. Seriously, so many people want the results but aren't prepared to do the work. Stop whining and get with the programme. Sorry for the rant, but I see this every single day of the week.

                      Your post stating that Louisa655 and the above comment as being harsh is off base, she's being realistic. You must take personal responsibility to read The Primal Blueprint or any other book and try to understand what your undertaking before you go posting foolishness like this. We were all rookies at one time, however, most of us at least tried to understand the plan before we posted, and when we did they were of substance. You could even skip the book route and check out this part of the site and learn quite a bit: Primal Blueprint 101 | Mark's Daily Apple

                      This forum is like an other forum, take the initiative to get educated and then members will be glad to help.
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