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My first IF (38hr)....Question

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  • My first IF (38hr)....Question

    I have been PB for 3-4 weeks now and decided to try my first IF. In the past I used to always get headaches and feel light headed if I was even a few hours late for a typical meal, so I was a little concerned about IF. I tried it and was absolutely shocked at how easy it went. I had a normal PB Dinner on Wednesday and skipped eating all day Thursday, and had a normal PB breakfast this morning (Friday). I really thought the hunger would be miserable and overtake me, but it was actually surprising that I only had a few moments of being hungry and the rest went very smooth.

    My question was that when I ate breakfast this morning, I was not really hungry, but decided to go ahead and "fill the tank up" since fasting for the past 38 hours. Is this a normal experience, that once you have not eaten in a long period that your body somehow accepts it or no longer makes you feel hungry? Should I have continued the IF until I felt hungry or not? Thanks again for all your advice, as this forum has been extremely helpful to me through this process and transition to PB!

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    That's a tough call. Would you have access to food mid-morning if you did get hungry, or would you have to wait until a scheduled lunch time? I think that's what would have decided it for me (and subsequently I would have done what you did).


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      Congrats, KC Steve! Pulling off a 38-hour fast and not even being hungry at the end proves that your body has kicked the carb habit. That is a well earned victory.

      I haven't fasted longer than 36 hours, but I found that breaking a long fast like that, which included much exercise, caused me to become very sleepy. If you weren't even hungry, and your body didn't shut down when you fed it, then I'd agree that you probably could have skipped a couple more meals without penalty.

      With IF, I think you want to find the sweet spot where you've been fasting long enough that your body is breaking down junk proteins and worn-out tissue, but not so long that you're cannibalizing good lean mass. For large men, this sweet spot is farther in than for small women, and I'm sure there are other factors at work. Your appetite and energy level will give you all the clues you need.

      But again, congrats. A successful IF is one of the main primal initiation rites. If you can keep that up once a week or so, you'll be on the fast track to lean muscularity.


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        I'm 16 hours into my first 24-hr IF. I'd like to go longer, to 36 hours or so, but figured I'd stick with 24 hours for my first time. So far I've discovered my hunger tends to come and go, but come on stronger around tradtional meal/snack times. I think this has more to do with mental routine than real hunger.