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What I learned on my cheat day

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  • What I learned on my cheat day

    Is that I will never do this again.

    I came into some SAD food and thought "meh, what the heck". I hate wasting food and figured one day wouldn't hurt. I doubt I took 10 years off my life, but I've certainly lost one whole day because I've felt like CRAP all day and I blame the food (or the stuff you could loosely describe as food). Worst part is this is how I used to live, and I knew I was tired and felt crappy but damn...this is ridiculous...

    Tossed some chopped steak and some chopped veggies into a pan and sauteed it, I'm not really hungry but I feel like I need to get some REAL FOOD in me.



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    The key here is not going to excess.

    The problem with cheating using things like wheat and other grains and sugar and crappy oils is that for a lot of us, they are addicting, and excess is hard to avoid. That, plus everyone has a different level of tollerance for these substances (no, I will not call them foods), that knowing what your personal level of "excess" is would be tough at best.

    I would recommend you not consider it cheating so much as a possible carb "refeed" (if you really think you need one) and look towards things like squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, even the occasional white potato for sources of carbs on the refeed days. However, sometimes we don't have these options, hence the 80/20 rule and if consuming grains is the only option I recommend you not feel so guilty about it and just accept it as a reality of modern life. Nobody is perfect, and I hope you don't expect yourself to be either.
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      I kind of think you're lucky that one cheat day showed you the light. It took a three day party for me to finally see the light. Little cheats (2 slices of french bread per week for example) weren't cutting it because I have an immune system like a peasant. But three days of pizza, beer, and restaurant meals made me feel like a large piece of doggie doo.
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        Lately I have been doing a lot of cheating on paleo over Thanksgiving. I know I won't stop cheating but I wanted to reduce it. So I decided to create a paleo cheating diary on my blog. My thought is that if I have to tell the whole world whenever I eat junk food I will be less likely to eat junk food. Cheating is never worth it afterwards... unless it is ice cream.
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          I very much enjoy the eating part of the cheat. The aftermath is very rough. I usually feel like crap for a few days after the cheat.


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            I stopped cheat days because they just make me feel terrible. Also when I cheat I find it too easy to do again even with the negative consquences.


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              I'll never do it again, I said. This makes me feel terrible, I said. Wait till 2 weeks has passed and you start forgetting the bad moments and start craving junk again. Happens to the best of us.
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                he definition of insanity by Albert Einstein :doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results !! I have being following Primal living for 3 months. I love having high levels of energy, better sleeps (by limiting coffee intake too) clear thoughts and upbeat moods.....Oh and looking really healthy!! Sometimes I decide to "treat" myself to a bar of milk chocolate. I tell myself just one won't hurt!!! It always end's very badly; typically results are 4 or 5 bars and really feel like crap the next day. Over the course of the next few days I will experience more thoughts to eat rubbish...Anyways, I found intermittent Fasting (IF) really help's reduce to "mad thoughts" to have one!!! "One is to many and a thousand never enough"


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                  Planned cheat days are never good imho, use the 80/20 to cope in the real world of restaurants and friends houses.
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                    Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
                    Planned cheat days are never good imho, use the 80/20 to cope in the real world of restaurants and friends houses.

                    Also, I personally avoid cheating with bread and the like.