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    Tomorrow morning I am running a half-marathon with a goal of finishing in 90 minutes.

    First off, training for this race sucks. I have started to eat sweet potatoes and although I have felt that it helps with long runs, my arms have gotten smaller and my abs are slowly dissapearing. This will be my last race for a while.

    However, I was wondering what I should consume today. I plan on drinking a lot of water, then tonight for dinner I will have chicken breast and 2 sweet potatoes. Tomorrow morning I will have black coffee and a sweet potato 2 hours before the race, then maybe a banana an hour before.

    I was wondering if anyone has found other food items that have helped with their time on long races. If anyone has any suggestions/tips they would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!!! and wish me luck!!

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    Electrolytes are more a concern in warmer weather than now but consider your intake if you are upping fluids more than usual this evening. I think it would be better just to drink according to your thirst rather than to excess. You'll sleep better if you don't have to get up during the night and unless you lose a lot during your daily activity you should'nt be dehydrated anyway. Your food choices look great. Sweet potatoes may take longer to digest if you eat the skin but regardless they should be available during the race when your muscles could use them eating at least two hours pre race. Post race some white rice with a little protein mixed in will help you replenish your liver and muscles with glycogen. Ninety minutes is beyond the ability of most runners including me, looks like you are prepared for an awesome run!