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Primal snacks for babies/children that they will actually like

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  • Primal snacks for babies/children that they will actually like

    I really want to try to get wheat out of my house. Obivously it's difficult, because my kids and husband still eat wheat product. But it's starts with me, and I do have the power to change it for the most part, I just have to do it. Of course my husband will continue to eat what he wants, but I can change what my kids eat.

    Anyway, does anyone out there have good suggestions for snacks for children? I can hardly get my kids to eat a full meal, they are snackers all the way. I don't mind them having carbs and some sugar (I don't expect them to eat keto like me of course) but I would really like to get them eating more primally instead of snacking on crackers, eating cereal, etc.


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    hard boiled eggs...tasty and interactive.


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      Trail mix, dried fruit, veggies!
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        ML, I have started making pork belly snacks for my two grandsons - and they love them.
        I use a really sharp knife and slice very thin strips, bake them for an hour or so, then cool them on a wire rack. I lightly salt them, and once cool put them in an airtight container.
        Scroggin is always easy ! dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit etc
        I also soak cut up prunes and apricots in peach schnapps ( you will have to use cold tea as a non-alcoholic soak for the children thou). Drain after a day or two, and mix with cream cheese and grated cheese. Roll in nuts and refridgerate. Once cold - slice into rounds and it tastes great on its own without crackers !!!
        and the rest are probably quite obvious
        have fun !
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        ...small steps....


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          This is a very frustrating problem, I know from experience. I would try to tackle it from behind by making meals a little more satisfying thus reducing the need for snacks. eg whip an extra egg into everything, make a hot or cold milk drink with extra cream, add some chunks of meat to breakfast or lunch

          Some other things I do:

          Primal pancake/waffle of 1/2 banana, 1 egg, 1T cocoa powder. In the waffle maker it comes out in little heart-shaped segments, you could separate them and top each with whipped cream and a strawberry or slice of kiwifruit. It makes a very satisfying eat, a child would probably not need a snack for quite a while after that. Especially if they had that milk drink as well.

          I do make mini icecreams of blended berries, banana, cocoa and cream and freeze in little moulds with iceblock sticks for after school snacks for my dd.

          Fruit is her go-to snack, but has to be said is not terribly satisfying.

          Primal truffle balls of blended butter or coconut oil, nuts, dried fruit, cocoa, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, maybe some honey, and rolled in coconut then chilled in fridge. Very easy to grab and go.
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            These are some really great ideas!!! Thank you everyone!


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              Dont restrict your childrens diet.


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                We still let our kids eat ricies, cornflakes and porridge. Just not chocolate covered sugar bombs.

                And regarding the rest, jerky, fruit, nuts, cheese and eggs all get a good workout (although we overdid it on the eggs and are currently facing a rebellion there). And dark chocolate in *very* small smounts.
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                  We just leave DS's meals out for him.

                  There are days when he wants to graze. Our meals for him are:

                  Breakfast: berries and yogurt, scrambled eggs in butter, and either raw cut veggies or steamed veggies.

                  Lunch: meat, cheese, and veggies

                  Dinner: meat, cheese, veggies, berries and yogurt.

                  He has access to unlimited fruit in between, as well as veg.

                  If he doesn't eat his meal, I leave it on the table for him, and he has to eat that before he can have fruit (though he can have veg).

                  We also have hard boiled eggs, meat, cheese, and veg available for him.

                  He's a good eater, so it's no worry.


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                    My 6 yo daughter snacks on:

                    banana cut into halves with almond butter and then glued back together
                    'healthy sandwich' - stacks of slices of cheese with slices of cucumber and mini-tomatoes
                    mixed nuts (properly soaked and dried in a dehydrator)
                    all natural hot dogs (I know, not good, but sometimes something gotta give!)
                    Any and all fruit (she is a Fruit Fly)
                    hard boiled eggs

                    Meals that are eaten in huge quantities & are always a success:

                    fresh roast chicken (drumsticks)
                    melted brie with sundried tomatoes and sunflower seeds & crudites;
                    Squasheroni and cheese
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                      I keep regular old mozzarella cheese sticks in the fridge. 5-yo is able to help himself to those, which is helpful when I'm in the shower and he is "starving." He also snacks on Applegate farm salami and grass-fed hotdogs. He also likes bananas. He used to eat walnuts, but not right now. Apples come and go with him. He drinks a lot of milk, which is a snack in my book. It's not a big menu, and not super-duper-optimal, but it works for us, so that's where we are.

                      I don't really limit his carbs other than not making a "starch" with dinner and keeping sugar out of the house as much as possible. He's growing.


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                        I keep diced, roasted sweet potato (tossed in coconut oil, coriander, cumin, garam masala, salt and pepper) in the frig most of the time. DD will snack on that over almost anything else.
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                          I'm loving these ideas! My 2.5 year old loves avocados and always says YES to an avocado when I say NO m&ms (thanks grandma...) And those are super satiating!

                          I've also taken a page from some french parenting book that says feed your kid 4 times a day (b-fast, lunch, snack, dinner) and don't allow them to graze. After about 2 days, it became super obvious she was only asking for food because she was bored or saw another kid with the dreaded goldfish crackers. When she's not needlessly snacking, she always eat a great variety at meals.

                          PS don't listen to Zach... you're not restriciting their food, you're giving them healthy options!


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                            I let our 3-yr old son scrape the Coconut mana jar with a spoon. These days it's fairly solid so he ends up with some powder/mini chunks of coconut that he LOVES. Nice addition to breakfast, usually he sees me using it and says "eh, I want some of that!".
                            Eggs is definitely our staple. He likes red meat too, so that helps!
                            Outside of carrots, not a lot of veggies interest him. Even potatoes he's not too keen on.
                            He likes fruit, milk & cheese. We cave in with some all-beef hot dogs from Trader Joe's once in a while.

                            I can't wait until he will eat some canned sardines with me

                            Another snack idea: make a paleo banana bread to replace the traditional post-nap snack (aka cookies). No sugar added, and usually you can squeeze in a fair amount of nuts in there.

                            Good luck!

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                              Primal snacks for babies/children that they will actually like

                              Wow thanks honey that looks like a great resource, will digest now