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Cant seem to get off nexium

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  • Cant seem to get off nexium

    Been primal for almost a year now and things have gone great. I have lost over 100 pounds, feel better,ect,ect ect... however one thing that I have not been able to do is get off nexium. I could just go a day and drink water and I would still get acid reflux. Any thoughts????

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    I recently got off of Zantac after taking it daily for several years. I use apple cider vinegar to treat my heartburn now. As soon as I start to feel it, I down 1.5 tbsp of ACV with a little bit of water. Heartburn gone. And I use it less and less now, so it's not even a daily thing for me anymore. Maybe a time or two a week I have to use it now.


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      Sounds like a gut in need of some serious healing. Here's part 1 of a six-parter by the inimitable Chris Kresser:
      The Champagne of Beards


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        Wow great articles. Thanks. I knew that it was due to low acid in the stomach not too much acid but those 6 articles were full of information. Before I read them I was going to suggest to the OP that hydrochloric acid therapy was probably the next thing to try and after reading them I would say so for sure.


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          Wow amazing aricle. I will look in to hyro acid therepy. Thanks