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    Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
    This is what I'm saying. Not really much weight to lose. Just body changes to make.
    No, that's not what you said. You said that "200 pounds at 6'1" is pretty light". I still don't think it's light. You'd probably be very close to your genetic potential if you were a lean 6'1" athlete at 200 pounds. And if you're nowhere near your genetic limit like the person in the picture? Well, maybe it's time to lose a few pounds.

    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Just lift some weights already. That's the only way you're going to fix your body composition.
    Who told you that lifting weights is the only way to improve your body composition? You'd properly get much better results with proper dieting or even "hormone therapy" if you had to choose. I thought that much was obvious.
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      He already diets. He eats like a bird. He thinks he's fat at a weight that's not out of range for a person his height. He wants to change his body composition. He puts up a photo of a guy with rippling muscles. Lifting weights will give him that. Might actually turn on a few hormones, too.
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        4,000 calories seems like so much to me. I wouldnt even know what to eat to make that number or even close to it. Given the limited caloric value of most greens and fruits, I would need to be eating boat loads of more meat (the good kind). Maybe even as much as 4 lbs of meats. Which im not complaining about it, just feels like a lot. Also i have been considering throwing in sweet potatoes occasionally to supplement my training. Is this advisable?
        Eat more fat.
        Crohn's, doing SCD