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Thoughts on the "Carb Nite Solution"?

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  • Thoughts on the "Carb Nite Solution"?

    I haven't read the book yet but I am curious if anyone has read it and what they thought?


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    I tried it, and found out the hard way that there's no way I can limit sugary treats that way. For me, sugar just means wanting more sugar, so I ended up feeling really, really bad - physically and mentally. I didn't lose weight, either. NourishedEm has some stuff about this in her journal, too - didn't work for her either, she didn't lose weight. My conclusion is that I was deranged to even consider it
    Started Feb 18 2011

    Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

    Journalling here


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      Thought it might be worth resurrecting this one if anyone is interested. I'm having good results on Carb Nite, losing body fat easily, and no cravings on the ultra low carb days. Anyone else working it at the moment?


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        I tried it. I had one scary carb night where I packed in what seemed like less than I was expected to (and it was only things I can tolerate). I was up most of the night, feverish, nauseous, my heart racing. By the time the next Carb Nite was scheduled to come up, I had not lost back the weight I had gained. Major carb refeeds don't seem to agree with me.


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          Interesting . I have to say, I've felt pretty rough after the carb up, could go cleaner which might help. I've just found it so easy to shed body fat this way, cravings in check too, I really like it.

          I think the pastries and doughnuts can be overlooked, but a few hours of indulgence per week is kinda fun