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    One step at a time. Thinking of quitting my coffee makes my heart hurt lol! Hope it's a smooth transition for you, I agree to take it slow. Caffeine headaches are the worst!
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    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates


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      Go cold turkey and take some yerba matte pills to cover yourself as you pull yourself off the coffee addiction.


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        Update- ended up having to drink green tea but still better then a large Americano


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          Lol. I dialed back from two pots a day to just half a pot with coconut milk (and sometimes baking chocolate). I'm not too keen on giving up the neuro-protective properties of coffee. I'll need all the help I can get while aging, since I was raised on macaroni and cheese and kool-aid under extreme emotional stress with periods of starvation. Frankly, I don't know why I'm still alive. Take my coffee and I might just drop right here like a bag of bones. No quitting.

          But if you need to give in the the nagging voice in your head, go for it! I've given it up for a few days here and there, to cut back. It's bad, but not that bad.
          Crohn's, doing SCD


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            Go cold turkey, like a band-aid! It'll be unpleasant for a day or two. My caffeine withrawal headaches always came in the evening; which by that point in getting used to having no caffeine I would just fall asleep anyways and sleep it off.

            On the note of coffee and caffeine, through no particular planning I generally cycle my coffee intake. I couple weeks drink it everyday, drink as much as I like or feel like; then go a couple weeks or so without. The withdrawal becomes less severe and shorter after a while. Just a slight headache in the evening, and a little drowsiness for a day.

            Then when I start drinking it again; bam! You really notice how much caffeine stimulates you.

            I recall reading research that showed the people who drink it everyday don't get any stimulating effect from it. But also that people who drink it everyday are less prone to diabetes, alzheimers, and a couple other bad chronic degenerative conditions. So it really isn't bad for; unless you're unlucky and just sensitive to it. Also it's packed with antioxidants and other goodies.

            Have you tried organic coffee? Allot of commercial coffees are loaded with pesticides and whatnot.


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              Mycotoxins are worse. Go organic for sure, and also try to find the highest quality whole bean you can.
              Crohn's, doing SCD