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    Originally posted by returnfreerisk View Post
    I do versions of 'bulletproof' tea...with Rooibos I skew the coconut oil more to a Tbs and then a tsp of butter because its a bit more delicate I suppose.

    Maybe as an aside or other topic...I dont do his MCT oil, which anecdotally sounds like a nightmare even getting it delivered. And the BP coffee beans didnt light up my life, nor were they bad. Who knows about the mycotoxins...I've searched online a little bit and can't find much compelling for me. I totally follow the wet processed logic reducing mold and fungus, but I'd be curious to know how much quantifiable/qualifiable damage I am doing to myself by having organic, regular processed coffee beans vs. the coddled, perfect altitude, small estate grown, wet processed. My coffee experience and reactions seemed to be the same on both beans.
    I like rooibos with coconut cream. And I agree that the BP exec guy has found a clever way to market some extremely expensive products that really aren't necessary.

    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Since the bulletproof exec doesn't actually say where he gets his magic coffee beans from, I felt skeptical that his beans were as magic as he said they were.

    As for the MCT oil, since I'm doing the paleo/primal thing, I'm a little skeptical that MORE processing of my food makes it better. So I stick to plain old coconut oil if I put any in my coffee. I did use Kerrygold for the butter.
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      I am reading the new release of Perfect Health Diet now, and his chapter on Fasting is very interesting. I dont recall reading it in the first edition, though it very well may be there. I only mention it here, as it talks about CO or MCT oil in your morning coffee. (to promote ketosis, reduce hunger, and increase autophagy)

      I dont want to give too much away but I read some new things about fasting.

      Side Note: Mark also wrote a very nice Forward in this new book.
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        The only place I know of where I can ask how the coffee is processed is my favourite local roaster (they do direct trade, single-origin coffees) but I'm far more concerned about how that makes it taste than whether there's some fungus or whatever. There's fungus on loads of things we eat, and I'm skeptical that it's a big problem, especially once the coffee is roasted. So I think that he might know how it's prepared, but I'm not certain that his process actually creates a cleaner coffee, or a better tasting one even.

        I'd rather shell out the cash at my local place that can tell me the name of the family that grew my coffee and the exact elevation on their land that they grew a particular coffee at, where I can tell the staff what characteristics I like in my coffee and they can recommend one that will suit my tastes, where whole milk is the default, and where my cash supports a local business that also has ethical trade practices.
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