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    When on the road I constantly have to explain that my diet does not include gluten or any grains and soy as both make my violently ill and despite how long I have traveled with some people they continue to ask each trip we take or decide to go to Chinese or fast food which prevents my eating dinner. Now in some cases I just tell everyone to have a good time and then seek out appropriate food however there are times that does not work as we are taking customers out and I need to be present for the "social" thing.

    I kinda look at it as fasting for a meal or two but after a five day trip with tons of fasting and sleep outside my normal bed I am left ragged.

    How many of you have this issue when on the road?

    36 Male eating Primal/Paleo for three years strict for 4 months as my body does not do well with even the slightest milk or sugar (save in whole fruit.)


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    You could always pack jerky, nuts, similar not perishables and munch them before/after the meals.
    -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz


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      I travel semi-frequently (used to be much more). I focus on quality food - I can almost always substitute vegetables for starch (pasta, potatoes, rice). Getting my fats in is crucial - I've been known to find a grocery store and buy a small container of cream and some quality tea (I like chai) or instant coffee and start my day with bulletproof coffee/tea, using the mini-fridge in my hotel room to keep the cream fresh. Alternatively, a number of hotels have complementary breakfasts - if so I have a good omelette and some meat. If you've taken care of the start of the day, managing the rest is easier.

      The biggest key is to smile when you decline the CW feast - comment that "I'm a little different" or "I'm cleaning up some health matters" and smile so what you're doing isn't a threat or an implied criticism of them. I think that's what puts people off the most - people on "special diets" act like everyone should be doing what they're doing, and if not, those folks are WRONG!! Don't challenge, don't proselytize, and don't act superior. Make it no big deal, and most folks are happy to accommodate that.