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  • Question about weight loss

    long story short I started paleo last year then was in a bad car accident in February and was off work etc due to the injuries for a few months. during that time I gained alot of weight due to sitting around healing and not eating smart/being depressed. I fight professionally and have an opportunity presented to me for early 2013. I gained alot of weight while sitting around healing and now need to loose a good 30-40 lbs. I have alot of flab develop around my stomache and love handles. and just got fat. I have always been a well built guy, lots of muscle but always that layer of extra. If I went full out 100% paleo with lots of cardio and weight lifting like I used to how fast do think a guy could lose weight?

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    Safely, around 1-2 lbs a week. Any more than that and you're in to muscle loss territory.

    I dropped a lot of weight in the first week though, I expect most of it was water. Since then it's been steady loss.

    Think hare and tortoise. Commit to eating well, exercise when you feel like it and the rest will come.


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      hmm thought if I did a dramatic diet change along with my old intense excersize program someone woulda guessed more lol


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        It's not about guessing, it's about safely losing fat without sacrificing muscle along with it. I think if you are after a fast fix then you are probably in the wrong place.

        Yes you will lose fat steadily, but it's no crash diet. It's about changing your life.


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          I have to say I disagree that a big guy can only lose 1-2 lbs a week safely - as a big chap myself I know that I need a heck of a lot more calories just to keep going and weight can come off pretty quick when I'm strick, espically at the start of a diet. For example when I was doing weight watchers years ago I ate my points, ate my excersie points (was very hungry) regually lost 3 -4 lbs a week. It's just about the maths of sizing things up, if a small woman with a lean mass of less than 100lbs can lose 2lbs a week I see no reason why a big guy with a lean mass of say 200lbs can't lose 4lbs a week IYSWIM.

          Are you prepared to hack, or do you want to be sensible?

          Options include intermitant fasting, going VLC (look at atkins induction weeks < 20g carbs per day) or you could even consider the Fat Fast as a short term hack to drop pounds quick. Basically you eat 75% - 90% fat at about 1000 - 1200 calories a day, it's not very very safe, but you could drop a lot over a week of doing this and go back to low carb, then do it again.

          Dispite what is said I have always found excersie to be useful too - getting on my bike for a couple of hours hard cycling can burn well over 1000 calories at my size (I'm not sure my current weight but it's prob about 215lbs and I'm aiming for arround 195 - 200)

          You are a fighter, so I would guess that you are prepared to work hard and abuse your body somewhat to get fast gains. Just beware of the risks.

          Lean Gains is very popular round here as a way to lose fat while building muscle - as I understand it you eat a calorie deficit on rest days, a surplus on lifting days and follow a 16hr fast - 8 hour eating programm. That could work well, either from the start or after you have hacked off a few lbs less sensibly

          Of course you could just eat MOAR potatoes
          You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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            Yes you can lose your weight but don't do hurry. Water is also the best solution on weight loss. Make some schedule of eating food.


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              Treat your body well. Get enough rest. Your recovering from a severe accident and you may have fat accumulated as well as inflamation/cortisol/water retention. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water, eat clean clean nutrient dense foods, and do some hill sprints!
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                If you want a hack, you can always try Bulletproof Exec's website. Haven't tried it myself, but have read his website and introduced my DH to bulletproof coffee.
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