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Carb Refeed- Interesting Thought

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  • Carb Refeed- Interesting Thought

    I have just done a quick internet search on carb refeeds and diarrhoea which i've unfortunately experienced in-liue with some of my carb refeeds. Now i have a bad gut, some fructose malabsorption and obviously not a tip-top digestive system. But, i can't let that stop me from having some carbs.

    There could be a plethora of reasons why i might have these bowel movements, which generally clean me out completly (minor positive ) but i stumbled on this link

    Hypophosphatemia - Refeeding Syndrome

    It's quiet interesting. With the fear of perhaps doing more damage to my gut flora, i want to make a change in my approach and or food choices, but perhaps this might be a transition phase of having carb refeeds? I'm thinking of trialining it for another week or two, to see if my body adjusts to having carbs mroe regularly.

    Does anyone know if the merits of the link provided stand? And has anyone else had experience with carb refeeds in the form of loosish stool? Chances are it'st just my gut and perhaps sweet potatoes might be out for the time being, but i hope to arrive to a definitive approach soon, as i don't want it affecting my health and strength training.

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    Yeah, same here. I do a refeed and BOOM it's a brown blast in the backyard. So I have pretty much quit doing them.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      I've never had this problem with my carb refeeds before. If anything, I have the opposite.
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