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    Originally posted by RitaRose View Post
    To be honest, I only notice it when I think about it, or if someone says "Do you hear that buzzing noise?" and I don't because I ALWAYS hear a buzzing noise, like cicadas or power lines.
    Same here, like now
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      Originally posted by ez2cy View Post
      Wondering if anyone suffers from Tinnitus (constant ringing in ears) and if they found anything at all in the way of nutrition etc that helps with it?
      Change of diet has not worked for me. Nor did acupuncture or "noise masking." I gather there may be an operation that could help but I have not looked into it yet.
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        Someone was telling me at work that they have had good success with finding the frequency that you hear as tinitus and then pretty much blasting that sound/frequency until that part of your ear is dead. I'll see if I can get more information or some research links from my co-worker on it. I deal with it mildly and it definitely gets worse when I am stressed, sick or dehydrated/hungover.
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