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    Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
    Merryish, I couldn't have said it better. Maybe it's time you find a new doc. Your post there is now officially one of the best I have read around here. Sums up my frustration PERFECTLY.

    Alas, this is my doc for the long haul. He's THE expert in the Northeast in the autoimmune condition I have, and I put up with any number of indignities to stick with him.

    He's a nice guy, and he's very good. But because he's both nice and good, he's always booked and he likes to spend time with his patients actually hearing them, so he's also always late. I don't bother to show up for a 3pm appointment with him until around 3:30, 3:45, and even at that I usually wait half an hour to see him.

    And because I'm on a teratogenic medication, he's always trying to force me onto birth control pills. No matter how many times I explain to him that I'm in absolutely no danger of pregnancy for various reasons I've already discussed with him in embarrassingly medical detail. I suppose I could just let him prescribe them and then not take them... that idea just now occurred to me.

    But he IS the best, and he's really involved in my case, so I'm stuck with the little frustrations. Maybe when we reach the point where he outweighs me, he'll stop laughing.