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  • Oh if you start a W30 challenge let me know, at the moment I am eating mainly meat, and drinking the oil, so may as well.
    The biggest challenge is nothing sweet (i.e. no soda), no coffee for me, but am allowing green tea.


    • Hots, I can't eat moldy steak either. You'll definitely know if we start a 30, but you'd need to be willing to eat all those veggies as they are a requirement.

      Jooles, did you try the gelatin?

      OG, how come you didn't turn us on to he gelatin sooner? Keeping secrets?


      • I tried the gelatin on and off before, not sure if the packets are as good as the real broth, used to make panna cotta with it when I was eating cream.


        • I promptly forgot about the gelatin this morning.

          And I even got THREE boxes of it.

          Ah well, I think I'll just stir half a packet into some water later
          and glorp it down. Not a problem.

          I'll have to see what His Dudeness says about the gelatin, cuz I
          haven't read anything yet about it.

          I know it's good for you and why, but I want to read his particulars.

          I've made bone broth many times, and that's probably better, but I forget
          to freeze most of it, or I don't FEEL like drinking HOT STUFF when it's hot
          out, so I've wasted most of my efforts by pouring it down the drain.

          No worries. Gelatin will work until it finally gets COLD here. If it ever does...



          • Wish it stays hot here ...sigh!

            I haven’t had coffee for a while now, drinking oil made me suddenly feel that I don’t really need it, no withdrawals at all.
            However, about an hour ago, I felt so weak, typical when one is doing vlc, not hungry or craving, just felt soooo very weak, so I had a very weak coffee, and felt alive again… had the coffee black, this is the first time ever I manage to have a black coffee!!


            • I learned to have black decaf on Whole30. I was surprised I didn't hurl. I can't tolerate sweet in coffee. Tea it's ok but so not necessary.

              I made bone broth Sunday. Forgot to bring to work.

              I just took a teaspoon of MCT to help digestion. I already feel nauseated. Yuck!

              Other than that, fine and dandy!


              • Half T of gelatin, 1teaspoon MCT = no appetite for breakfast and a queasy stomach. It's the MCT


                • Originally posted by calee View Post
                  Half T of gelatin, 1teaspoon MCT = no appetite for breakfast and a queasy stomach. It's the MCT
                  In the coffee you mean? sounds like bullet proof coffee with the gelatin extra.
                  Never tried the bullet proof coffee..


                  • Hotmail, I have done the air age beef. Cook's Magazine told me to so I did it. It was amazing. I forget how long I aged it. I want to say just 3-4 days. It was years ago. Now when I want to treat myself, I buy an aged steak from Whole Paycheck. They age them in this cool case that has no humidity so no mold I guess. Very expensive so I maybe buy one once or twice a year.

                    Calee you explained W30 very well. I may do a gelatin, oil shot, w30 peat combo. I am going to write a game plan on paper and see how it looks. Yes..sounds psychotic to me too.

                    As far as the gelatin..half a packet gives you 3 grams of fiber. I think one packet is equal to one TBS of Great Lakes. I love the blue can of Great Lakes because it mixes right into hot or cold liquids and doesn't gel. I do a tbs in my iced coffee in the morning and a tbs in bone broth before or after dinner. I ordered the red can because J3nn came up with a recipe for a savory gelatin mold with nutritional yeast. I love's my new parm.

                    My favorite Peat thing is less meat and fat (not shots but in cooking etc). I may even buy some cottage cheese from TJs. I will end up eating meat once a day and eggs or CC or smoked clams for the other meals or meal. I like the cost savings and I feel lighter. Gouda cheese is another Peat thing because of vitamin K (I think) but I end up eating too much cheese during the day. It calls to me and I answer.

                    Decisions decisions.

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                    • Calee, I like the idea of gelatin and mtc. Going to try it.

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                      • Thanks OG, let me know how you aged your steak, will look up some methods too, only nowadays DS is at home, and I know if I left my steak aging in the fridge it will disappear before its one day old !!

                        Isn't haagen dazs also one of Peat's things... don't want to rain in your parade ladies, but many tried peat on other forums and I really didn't see anyone succeeding on it, they all gained weight.. the theory was really convincing, but in practice, don’t think anyone lost weight on it, perhaps if you are totally new to the LC scene you will do OK, but for peeps like us who's body already well trained and knows how to rebel, it wasn't successful.


                        • Hotmail, yes..I only age a steak or buy one if nobody else is home. I am greedy and selfish. I will look at my cooks mag (I started saving them since 1992) and make sure I have it right. I remember putting the steak on a rack over a cookie sheet that had paper towels to soak up the juices. Then I think you flip it every day and change the paper towels every two days to avoid odors. Then you shave off the dried stuff and eat. I may try it. I bought grass fed chuck at Safeway. Might be fun.

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                          • Oh Calee, persimmons are fruit. Over 100 cals and 30 ish carbs.

                            Hotmail, I am seeing the Peat thing work in the group thread. I am not doing it exactly. I really started it because of wanting to be more mindful of eating local and seasonal. I know I can't eat like twenty something Derp and Zach (they would disagree) but I have been enjoying less meat and more fruit. My clothes are looser. I may weigh myself at the gym just to see.

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                            • Okay..second cup of iced coffee with TBS gelatin and tsp mtc..too afraid to put more mtc..delish and I am full. I also put a TBS of half and half and a tsp of sugar. What a concoction. I am going to try it tomorrow without the sugar and cream. I have noticed lately when I shake shake shake it, it's a little foamy and creamy..I think it's the gelatin.

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                              • OMG!!!

                                I know that coconut oil isn't anyone's fave around here but mainly mine, BUT, for anyone
                                else that's reading that likes it and is doing SLD, Costco is having a SALE on their Organic,
                                Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -


                                for 14.99!!!!

                                I almost yelled "HOLY FRANKENF*CKS!!!!" right in the store!

                                And though I still have about 1/3rd of my last jar that I started on 8/3... I got
                                some anyway.

                                Such a freaking astronomically GOOD PRICE I almost wet my pants.