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  • Hey all! Finally! I saw my # budge. Sheesh. It took a week to get there but I'm so so happy! Today I'm down 1.5 pounds from what I've been stuck at for like 4 months. Yay! Hope this is the start of my journey to a new set point. I'll keep you updated! And it for sure has been an AS for me and I continue to take a probiotic with my shot to keep the digestive issues at bay and that's been great.


    • Update after my first full week on SLD with calorie restriction – I have lost 4.5lb which is amazing but I am not yet convinced it is the tasteless calories that is making this work, I suspect it is more to do with the enforced no-eating times making it easier to restrict calories.

      Switching to refined CO has worked well but I have not always had the evening shot, which is probably why AS has not kicked in yet.

      The big test is yet to come over the next couple of weeks as I am nearing a New Stone Zone (I’m in the UK so these are important milestones) & I always stall for weeks before breaking through the wall so I will try to be more proactive with the evening shot & keep my fingers crossed.


      • Hey Ddraig coch, I am assuming by your screen name that you are welsh! I am in Wales.

        4.5lbs is pretty amazing - I understand what you say about the stone marker... always hard to get down to the next number! Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on.

        I am still doing the EVOO in the mornings - although I haven't done it over the weekend and I still have good AS, back to it in the morning. I am still at 163, so hopefully I can keep dropping and hopefully I have broken this set point. I have indulged in a few 'treats' this weekend, nothing major as I find it hard to 'cheat' whilst eating primally. The treats were in the form of a few pints of cider on a girls night out and a small cake! So not that bad for a previous sugar monster!

        Lets hope that things keep getting smaller!!

        On a side note, I have had a lot of comments about how lovely my hair is and how shiny & healthy it is looking now! A drastic change from the new year, where it was just awful, dry and 'tired' looking all the time. It is very fine but has started to feel and look thicker. Not sure if this way of eating or the extra oil is the cause but I will take it! Lovely 'side effect'!

        Hope everyone is doing well...


        • I've been MIA for a while but I fell off the wagon a bit (in terms of caloric restriction and some food choices) because of TOM and DH's birthday weekend (which was awesome). I stopped doing the oil shots for a few days too, but the AS was mostly there. I'm back on program, though, so will keep reporting.

          Also, the...... blockage I experienced when I first started SLD seems to have cleared.

          cwtch: Yes, all the fat and protein definitely makes for shinier hair! My hair used to be a dull mousey brown but now (yes I am bragging) it is ridiculously shiny. Kate Middleton ain't got nothing on me. :-P
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          • Hiya unchatenfrance... what does MIA mean, I am still new to this and trying to work out the lingo!

            I found that, even though I missed two days of the oil over the weekend, that I still had pretty good AS... mad isn't it!
            Had a pretty good day today food wise, stayed on course. Been a little stressed - have two poorly kids at the moment and I am amazed that I haven't turned to food - so there is another bonus of this primal way of eating.

            And yea, the shiny hair is defo a good thing... even with very little weight loss there are a lot of other benefits that can easily be seen, and that makes me feel better in myself. I love your Kate Middleton comment!!!

            Do you think that the oil has helped with the 'blockage', I suffer with this also! It is a nightmare isn't it!

            Looking forward to more updates and hoping the scale will move for me again soon!


            • MIA - missing in action

              And - sorry for the TMI - as for the blockage, when I started SLD I had issues the first 3 weeks. But now that my first menstrual cycle on SLD has passed, it seems to have cleared. I do supplement with magnesium and my morning coffee with heavy cream is usually enough, but it became less effective once I started SLD. I have found that I am not getting "the urge" anymore. I really do have to remind myself to go. The only variable in my diet has been SLD, so I don't know what else could be going on.


              • As I was taking my oil shot just now, I suddenly realized that, for people who don't experience any AS on the SLD initially, to continue on this "diet" requires a lot of faith. If you're not experiencing AS and hence not reducing your overall caloric consumption, then continuing to do oil shots just adds 240 calories to your normal caloric consumption. Wouldn't this just lead to weight gain over time? I've only gotten back to doing SLD for a week, but already I feel like I don't have enough faith to continue.

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                • Originally posted by serenity View Post
                  As I was taking my oil shot just now, I suddenly realized that, for people who don't experience any AS on the SLD initially, to continue on this "diet" requires a lot of faith. If you're not experiencing AS and hence not reducing your overall caloric consumption, then continuing to do oil shots just adds 240 calories to your normal caloric consumption. Wouldn't this just lead to weight gain over time? I've only gotten back to doing SLD for a week, but already I feel like I don't have enough faith to continue.
                  I count calories on SLD. I can't not count them (when I'm trying to lose fat) because even after 4 years of Primal I still don't know when to stop eating. I can always eat. Plus I'm trying to break through homeostasis and my body is being very stubborn about this so I have to count to make sure I am getting my 1700 net and no more (including the oil shots). On days that I don't feel like counting/am doing a refeed/will have a cheat meal, I don't do the oil shots because as you say, to me that just seems like adding unnecessary calories. The scale hasn't moved in weeks so I don't know if this is even working, though I think I am seeing an ever-so-slight change on the sides of my lower abs. If anything, I am anticipating that SLD may help me slightly recomposition, but I am not expecting the scale to move too far down past my current 157. (My previous set point was 152 but with less muscle.)

                  Stupid body. Why can't you be happy at 20%BF and not 25%?
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                  • I stopped counting calories a couple of weeks ago. I counted for a long time, but then I got really sick of it--weighing and logging every bite of food that I put in my mouth just got really annoying. I should get back to it though. *Sigh*

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                    • For me the blood sugar stability >>> AS, though AS is a good thing as well. But I find that I only need now 1 tbsp of oil in the morning, that seem to give me all the benefits of the 2 spoons. Second spoon does nothing for AS in the afternoon. I just rather eat more real food.

                      I don't count calories, I just try not to take seconds, use the small bowls (1 cup) for my supper and lunch, and above all, not to eat treats with tea in the evening. On the balance, if I eat like that, I will be under 2000 cals a day, so yeah, good enough.

                      And, also, no weighing myself. No amount of accounting makes me less hungry, so what's the point.
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                      • That's very true, Leida! The first shot works great, but by the time I take the second shot I am counting down the minutes for the hour to pass so I can eat.


                        • Hi all,

                          I'm just going to jump in with both feet. I think it's very serendipitous that I found this thread as just over the weekend I was trying to figure out why I can't stop eating everything in sight and came up with two things that I wanted to change to see if they would help: 1-give up drinking herbal tea all day every day. Yeah, it's healthy and yummy, but I feel like I'm now used to tasting something all day long, so my food cravings are increasing. And 2-add some extra coconut oil to my diet to see if that would help with my cravings. So Shangri-La seems like a perfect fit!

                          So now my stats: 38 years old, 5'4", 135 lbs. Been (not nearly perfect) Primal for 3 years and love the health benefits, but haven't lost an ounce over the long term. Actually, over the last few months my set point has crept up from 132, at which it had sat for the last decade plus. Not a big deal, but I'm sick of struggling every day not to eat everything in the house! I would love to get down to 125 at some point, but don't know if that's possible. I'm hypothyroid and have some hormonal issues going on as well, for which my doctor is giving me ever-increasing doses of bioidentical progesterone. I think that is some of my problem right there.

                          So my primary goal is to quit wanting to eat unhealthy crap (can you say sugar????) all the time and my secondary goal is weight loss. I steadfastly refuse to regularly count calories. I did it for a decade before I found Primal and will not become that neurotic person ever again. I portion my food carefully so always know exactly how much I'm eating and whenever I've done a test day of recording my calories they fall between 1200 and 1600, which is perfectly reasonable. Unless I'm on a junk-food bender, my carbs land between 50 and 75g.

                          I work out in some form or another most days - bodyweight training 3x/week, HiiT once a week and some other stuff sprinkled throughout. I work full time and go to school part time so I only have about 30 minutes a day to work out during the week. I work at a desk all day but bought a sit/stand desk (which is the best investment I've ever made!) so I stand for about half the day.

                          Here's goes nothing!


                          • Welcome Jenn!

                            Well, update from me - Started doing SLD on January 17, starting weight was 128.8
                            AND started doing the high fat protocol as well. Keeping fat around 80% carbs around
                            10 or 20g and protein around 55 to 60.

                            Everything was going fine for a bit, then I was stuck at 124.8 for a bit - then my kids had
                            the week off for Presidents Day (the whole week) so I wasn't able to lift weights, and I wasn't
                            walking back and forth to school 3 times a day, OR even GOING for walks barely (i usually walk
                            enough to add up to 10 miles a day) because they didn't want to go with me, which was fine, it
                            was vacation and all.

                            Then the next week one got the flu (a cold), then the husband and the other one got it, so still
                            no gym and not a lot of walking. Then that weekend *I* got it and was out of the game for a week.

                            Just about zero exercise. Maybe 10K steps a day, IF that.

                            Now I'm down to 120lbs.

                            I lost the most weight during this last month of really scaling back the exercise..... which is odd, because
                            it leads me to believe that I've been overtraining this whole fucking time and no WONDER I wasn't losing.

                            I wasn't even cutting freaking calories! I was porking down upwards of 1600-1700 a day (maintenance is 1800),
                            so, wtf?

                            Went to the gym today for the first time in a MONTH, did 3X5's of squat, deadlift, arnold presses, lat pulldowns,
                            step ups, bicep hammer curls, lying tricep extensions, weighted side bends, weighted decline sit ups, bench
                            press and weighted lunges, ALL AT THE SAME WEIGHTS THAT I DID A MONTH AGO.

                            Which was great, because usually after a month of ZERO weight lifting, I have to start down at the freaking bottom
                            again with stupid jackass bodyweight or lame weights. Whatever.

                            I'm not complaining, I'm just confused.

                            I've been trying to lose the last ten pounds for a year now and now all of a sudden, it happens?

                            Is it REALLY the more fat? Really? Eat fat lose fat?

                            Well I don't know what the f*ck else it could be because this is the only "new" thing I've tried
                            in awhile, so, whatever.

                            More fat, more calories, less protein, less exercise = fitting into size 4 levi 550 jeans for my
                            son's 8th birthday party yesterday.

                            These jeans have been LAUGHING AT ME since freaking September of last year. Jerks.

                            I showed them yesterday, OH YES I DID.

                            Even my brother in law was checking me out. Pervert!

                            Okay, there's my convoluted update........ back to scratching my head and downing
                            copious amounts of coconut oil...

                            Well, not that much... usually three tablespoons a day.



                            • @unchantenfrance - I think we might have similar methabolic make-up.

                              OMGZ, Julie, adrenal fatigue is REAL, OMG!!! WOOT! Now I dunno if I should fit in cardio today or not. OMG, CONFuZAD!

                              Seriously, though, awesome results!

                              And Hi Jenn!!!

                              From curiosity, I calc'd my cals/macs today (not final, who knows, I might eat a bucketfull tonight yet) and came up with 1650 cals/170 carb/76 fat/100 prot

                              EDIT: BTW, for those who are curious, I went to see the acupuncturist, who diagnosed the adrenal fatigue, told me to half my gym time and gave me a herb mixture that does something to yuin/liver and, get it, addresses mood disorders AND increases appetite. One thing I have never complained about was my appetite. I swear, after 7 hours in labor, a full spinal, and surgery to saw me up after my daughter's all-natural no-drug birth (my life is full of ironies), I told them I am hungry, they fed me like 2 cups of ice cubes before reluctantly agreeing to feed me. No appetite, what's that? he is like concerned I don't eat breakfast till 9 am. Well, that's because I load up at supper, duh. Otherwise I will be up at 2 am starved.
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                              When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


                              • Wow, awesome results, Julie! I'm stuck at my 157, which was my pre-holiday weight. SLD + calorie counting has helped me shed 4 pounds of unintended gain, so now I am back to my regular old 157 and nothing noteworthy has been happening. 5 weeks of SLD now.