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Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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  • Wow heatseaker! Great check in!

    Can you provide us with more details as to your current weight, activity level and your macro nutrient intake grams (not including and including the oil shots)?



    • I currently do 3x/wk Crossfit, 2x/week heavy lifting class, and 2-3x/week hot yoga (I had to cut down on yoga a little bit because my muscles weren't recovering fully).

      I eat between 1500 and 1600 calories per day (not counting SLD oil). Macros fluctuate a bit based on what I eat, but I try to hit carb and protein targets and let fat resolve itself as it will, because I'm getting extra fat anyway from the oil shots. I try to hit 100g carbs and 120g protein, and I usually fall pretty close to those targets. I also try to backload most of my carbs at the end of the day. This means a sweet potato and some fruit with dinner.

      A typical day (and this is pretty consistent, as I like to eat mostly the same things all the time) looks like this:

      7am - Coffee
      8:30am - Workout w/BCAAs in my water
      9:30am - Post-workout shake of whole milk, whey protein, berries, flax meal, 1tsp fish oil, beets, and greens
      1pm - Lunch of some meat, some avocado, and some kind of greens like a salad or steamed kale
      3pm - SLD oil (I now do 2tbsp ELOO all in one dose)
      6-7pm - Dinner of meat, greens, sweet potato with butter, usually fruit and greek yogurt for dessert, another 1tsp of fish oil
      (On yoga days I eat an earlier dinner at 5pm, go to class at 7pm, and have a snack like fruit or bone broth when I get back)

      I have occasional cheats on weekends like ice cream and tacos. The only food I avoid like the plague is wheat.

      My current weight as of this morning is 151 even, my BF is at 24%, and my waist has gone down another inch to 28".


      • Originally posted by otzi View Post
        Uh-oh, I'm sensing that your wheels are turning now! IF+potato+SLD oil may be on to something big! Work it, girl...
        Yeah, I've thought of all that, but the interesting thing is that when on all potatoes, I a) don't want to add fat to my all-potato regimen and b) find that I don't really need it. The potatoes seem to have an appetite suppressing effect of their own, and it's not just a boredom factor, as I don't really get all that bored (after all, I'm eating a regular supper every night).

        SLD is another tool in the arsenal. Right now, I'm rocking the potatoes and that's good enough for me.


        • I took a couple of weeks off taking the oil shots, noticed a slight change in my appetite, back on em again now though. Managed to break an 18mth stall by losing a pound and still sat ther, which I am pleased with. Continuing with the primal way of eating too, my hubby has lost 28lb since the new year by eating this way!

          Not exercising as I'm recovering from an op, but when I'm allowed will start off with walking and build myself back up to going to my local boxing gym again! I'm really looking forward to that! Un the meantime, I'd like to shift some more weight!
          Compared to you I'm a real!

          Please keep posting your updates as I enjoy reading and learning from them...


          • heatseeker,

            i'm glad to read the update because I was thinking about you earlier today and wondering how it was going!

            It was no surprise to me that you dropped the number of yoga classes down to 2-3/wk. I've often had this situation where I had to decide where my focus was going to be because giving 100% energy/focus to everything was really challenging.

            I've been through phases where I focused on weight training, and so I had to decrease the frequency of vigorous forms of yoga (and increase more passive forms), and other times where I focused on building the more vigorous forms of yoga, and so I had to back off on the weight training.

            Right now, I'm just focusing on getting my posture right (working with a physio on postural patterning. it's awesome!), so my yoga and pilates practices are focused there, and I'm doing mobility work and some modest body-weight work so long as I can maintain my posture. It's done *wonders* for my body overall. But man, it's amazing how just "standing there properly" can both make you sweat an dmake you sore for days!


            • Yeah, part of it is that we're in the middle of the Crossfit Open, so I've really been trying to baby myself, and part of it is that, for some reason, it is so hard to find a hot yoga class that isn't crazy vigorous and body-destroying! I think the unfortunate side effect of trying to mainstream yoga as a "workout" is that every teacher these days assumes their students are there to get their asses kicked. On my days off Crossfit, sure, I'll do the insanely difficult 90-minute boiling hot power vinyasa class with your five-minute Chaturanga holds, but Jesus, if I did that on my Crossfit days, my muscles would never ever recover and I'd basically be wrecked all the time.

              I managed to discover one single class that is both a) hot and b) gentle (and not Yin, which I like, but I don't want to just do Yin all the time), and I literally hit it every time it's offered, but it's one of those supplementary classes offered only a few times a week, buried amongst the hot power classes at the local CorePower. So, yoga in-studio is down to 3x/week, or however often I can get to this one class.

              Seriously, I would pay a king's ransom for a Moksha studio in my city.


              • Thanks for the update Heatseeker - it looks like everyone was wondering how you were doing - I was just thinking about it yesterday hoping you would post

                Glad to hear it is going so well!


                • Yeah Thanks Heatseeker. Your post gives me hope for the long term. Please keep them coming


                  • Wow, great news, heatseeker!


                    • I finally have something worth posting: I went on vacation, ate a TON, fasted the day we traveled home (22 hours w/ only water), and LOST weight. I was walking everyday of vacation, (about 1 hour, or more) and did yoga 3 times during the 10 days. But man, I ATE SO MUCH everyday! Not junk, but meat, eggs, fish, chicken, veggies and berries, and a few other fruits, nuts. With very few sweet treats. I have lost 2 more pounds since then, too. Did all that food and walking boost my metabolism? I don't know. I have taken oil shot just once since getting back, but I don't feel the need for it, as I seem to be ok with less food. Maybe its good to "feast" periodically, and change the exercise routine. I may never know exactly what finally moved the weight. Its not dramatic, but any loss is good news. SO my new "low" is 150.2. I expect I will bounce around that for a while, and then maybe I'll see the 140's??I'll keep you posted.


                      • 149.4
                        I feel like I am "fixed" when before I felt like something was "wrong".
                        thanks, MDA people!


                        • Originally posted by HopelessDreamer View Post
                          I feel like I am "fixed" when before I felt like something was "wrong".
                          thanks, MDA people!
                          That's fabulous!


                          • Checking in to say that I haven't been SLD-ing for the past couple weeks because I've been gearing up for a competition I did this past Saturday, and therefore increasing my calories by a lot to fuel my workouts and build some muscle. I've been eating at or above 2000 food calories a day (with SLD I was at 1300 food calories a day, 300 oil calories), and my weight is still at its hover point around 152. I think it's safe to say that my setpoint has definitely been reset. So, if you're worried about your setpoint shooting back up if you ever stop SLD, don't.

                            I think now that this competition is over and I have some relative break time--back to just working out, not "training"--I might start SLD-ing again to see if I can cut some more fat. I'm still shooting for below 20% BF, and right now I'm at 24%.


                            • heatseeker, you have helped a lot of people by starting this thread. I am glad you are doing so well!


                              • Thanks for the update. I'm going to do this again. For one thing, my hair never looked so good! I lost 4 lbs in a week doing just one CO a day, because I could never seem to work in the second one. I find it to be a great plateau buster. I'm at the point now where I'm losing maybe half a lb a week if I'm lucky, so I need a little kick in the butt.
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