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did mark just say corn syrup is "ok"

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    drinking some alcohol once in awhile is fine. Everyday or a lot at one time can be a problem. The fructose in HFCS or corn syrup is the same as fructose in fruit. There's just more of it by volume.
    Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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      Originally posted by oxide View Post
      Never tried goat dung. How does it taste?
      i tried it once

      tasted like sh-t
      yeah you are

      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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        Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
        I believe he is saying sriracha sauce is okay. If you can put enough sriracha on your food to make the corn syrup in it a problem, you've got an impressive skill. And probably a burning butt, too.
        nomnom paleo has a sriracha sauce that is paleo/primal.

        most of the stuff she makes has a lot more steps than i like to take, but she's got a lot of great ideas.


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          Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
          i tried it once

          tasted like sh-t
          I bet it would taste better with sriracha.
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            Originally posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
            Whoa, whoa, WHOA, buddy, hold on just one second! Let's not be irresponsible about this!

            You have to make sure that if you're on the Primal Corn Syrup Diet to supplement with plenty of iodine, after all...
            ...and be sure not to forget the POTATOES!
            I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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              Originally posted by Owly View Post
              I bet it would taste better with sriracha.
              So... ameliorate shite with shite? Holy shite! That's food industry speak!!!


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                Let's get back on track here...

                Candied bacon doused with Sriracha... Yeah, I'd eat that.
                And now I may just have to.
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                ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.