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Primal on a budget?

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  • Primal on a budget?

    I'm finding right now that as much as I may want to may organic or grass fed food it's a little out of my budget at the moment.Can I still be primal and eat food from the grocery store for now until I can afford organic food?

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    Of course. Consider, however, cutting back in a different area of your spending so you don't have to skimp on groceries. I know I've been glad I did whenever belt-tightening was necessary. You should also get a quality fish oil/cod liver oil supplement to counteract the extra n-6 you'll be getting from the CAFO meat.
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      Thanks for reminding me about the fish oil.Right now it's more a game of catch up.That and I really want this bacon wrapped Angus I saw the other day


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        Cut back in other areas to pay for organics; guess how much money you would save if you never ate out.

        On top of that, if you can't afford grass-fed meats thats ok. Aim for hormone/antibiotic free; I always get the lean meats if it's not grass fed. Animals store toxins in their fat just like we do, so if you can't get high quality meats, aim for leaner varieties to avoid all the synthetic crap sprayed on them.

        As far as fruits and veggies go, avocados, bananas, and other hard bodied fruit can be commercial since their outer layer protects them from the chemicals. But fruit like strawberries and apples (most heavily sprayed) should be organic.

        So to answer your question, yes of course you can. Do your best, no one can ask more than that.
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