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Honey, Milk, and Mayo?

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  • Honey, Milk, and Mayo?

    I took a look at the Primal Blueprint shopping list and noticed that a few common foods are missing. For example, I don't see:
    • Honey
    • Milk
    • Mayonnaise

    This would lead me to believe that they are not allowed on the PB diet. I know Mark suggests avoiding honey in his book, so I think that one is out. Mayonnaise is in one of his recipes, so I gather that it's allowed? I couldn't find anything about milk in the book.

    While lurking in this forum, I've seen people talk about their consumption of all of these foods. Many seem to eat them.

    Can someone clarify this for me? I'm doing PB in order to lose weight. I keep my calories 500-1000 less than my daily expenditure, and my net carbs between 50 and 100 grams per day.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    All these foods are technically allowed on a Primal plan.

    Milk and honey are suggested to be limited since they are somewhat high in carbs. Mark has eased his stance on carb restriction somewhat over the years since the book was written. He also recommends lower carb, higher fat forms of dairy in general.

    Storebought mayonnaise is not recommended because it almost always has a vegetable oil (canola/soybean) as the primary ingredient. If you make your own mayonnaise at home using a healthy fat, it is fine.

    Here are some posts to clarify:
    The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark's Daily Apple
    Homemade Ghee Mayo | Mark's Daily Apple


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      Most people don't use dairy because they either can't tolerate it or can't find quality milk. honey is fine in moderation, like other sweeteners and only store bought mayo is off limits due to the shitty oils and other additives used. Mayo is totally acceptable when made yourself as it is just eggs and oil.


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        Thank you guys. Carb and calorie counting already limits the amount I can eat carby and caloric stuff, so quantity shouldn't be an issue. Honey and whole milk are in. Mayo from scratch or with simple ingredients is in. Kraft Mayo out. Got it.


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          make your own mayo, find a local reputable farmer to acquire raw milk from, and don't be scared off by delicious local raw honey
          --Trish (Bork)

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            There you are! I hadn't seen you in a few days and was wondering if baby had made an earlier than expected entrance to planet earth.
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              Trish, unfortunately it's illegal to buy real milk in Canada. Farmers can't legally sell unpasturized milk.

              I will definitely buy raw honey though.


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                There may be farms that do cow shares where you buy part of the cow the farmer cares for it and then delivers you your share of the milk every two weeks or so. You might have to do some digging on the interwebs to find them.


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                  Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                  There you are! I hadn't seen you in a few days and was wondering if baby had made an earlier than expected entrance to planet earth.
                  I've been around. I mostly hang out on the recipe forum. Will be posting all the baby news in the Odds & Ends forum some time after Wednesday when she arrives. Hospital will be calling Tues night to lmk what time I need to show up Wed for induction. Can't wait to be done! A gal at church today teased me "You look SO relaxed and ready to run a marathon." I should have said "I feel like I'm about to!"

                  Originally posted by nosugar View Post
                  Trish, unfortunately it's illegal to buy real milk in Canada. Farmers can't legally sell unpasturized milk.
                  LAME! Can you sneak over to Wisconsin?
                  --Trish (Bork)
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                    Local raw honey drizzled over pecans has to be the best tasting food on Earth. It's also very healthy (the honey) and beneficial for alergy sufferers.
                    Don't use store bought mayo for the reason mentioned above. I make it myself using lighter flavour olive oil. Avocado oil also works well.
                    I love milk, but unfortunately i can't get raw one either, so i do without. Coconut milk is really good and tastes awesome in smoothies.


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                      Hellmann's mayo is probably the only non-primal food I eat regularly, on purpose. I just haven't got as far as making my own. In my overall food consumption its a very small amount of soy/canola oil. If I adhered to the 80/20 rule, it would fall well within that 20%.

                      I eat a little honey every day. I put it in tea or drizzle it over plain yogurt & berries. It's heath benefits outweigh its sugar content IMO. But then again, I'm not afraid of a little sugar, and I don't count carbs.

                      I tolerate dairy, and I love it, so I eat full fat, good quality sources regularly.
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                        I drink milk (2%, organic). Use it in primal fuel shakes, with organic low fat yogurt. Love it...don't care whether it's "allowed" in the diet or not.

                        As for mayo...we quit using it LONG ago. Substitute low fat plain yogurt in any recipe that uses mayo. Wow! Much in tuna sandwiches...or to make a great salad dressing: plain low fat yogurt, fresh lemon juice and fresh dill.


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                          Use dairy if you can tolerate it! I use organic heavy whipping cream in my coffee. I also whip the heavy cream and add a handful of blueberries as a treat about twice a week. I also fill jalapenos with veggie cream cheese (not low fat) and wrap it with bacon. I would die with out dairy. . . especially cheese! Good luck!