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  • Gastroenteritis...

    Hi all.

    I think I'm coming down with gastroenteritis / norovirus (supposedly quite common over here at the moment). Last time I had it I felt ill for around four days before the vomiting started, which then lasted two days. Basically, I can't really afford to be sick for that long at the moment, so I wondered if anybody had any tips? I read the post a while back about recovering from food poisoning, but as I'm almost certain this is a virus I was just wondering if I should do anything differently.

    So yesterday I felt tired, shaky, slightly nauseous - no vomiting / upset stomach. Today I have less of a headache but my stomach feels worse - like I'm bloated or need the toilet (sorry if that's TMI). I get bouts of severe hunger but then I go to eat and feel pretty sick so stop myself. Still no upset stomach to speak of but my lower back is hurting which I remember from last time. I'm just drinking bottled water at the moment and sleeping as much as possible, as I've not been sleeping well the past couple of nights (guess I'm trying to catch up).

    I also upped my vitamin D intake to 10,000 IUs (irrelevant?).

    Thanks for your help.

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    In my experience (that includes a wife and two small kids - always sick), norovirus isn't something that comes on slowly. It's within a few hours of stomach cramping that all hell breaks loose, and 48-hours is the typical duration of the bout. I have indeed confirmed one of these bouts with some lab tests. I'm no expert, but I think you've got something else.

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      2nd that youve got smth else - ive had norovirus twice and it hit suddenly and lasted about 24 h. it can last longer sometimes,but not for days on like that.
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        Hmm, OK. Well, either way, any nutritional suggestions / ideas to keep me going? The BRAT diet doesn't really fit with how I usually eat.

        I have definitely felt like this before, and when I did, it took me over a week to fully recover. Work is busy at the moment and, of course, this weekend has a great weather forecast (was hoping to get out in the garden with the bf...). I feel really quite week and my stomach is getting worse.


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          I think a nice bone broth could do the trick. The bones are full of enzymes that work to repair the digestive system, and there's plenty of fat in broth to give you energy.


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            Don't eat unless you are hungry. When you loose your appetite, it's for a reason.


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              I agree with Zoe

              Listen to your body.

              If it vomits with even a little water in the tummy, don't drink water for a bit.

              If you are tired, it's ok to rest up.

              Take anything that's ant-microbial (anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial) like raw, crushed garlic, ionic colloidal silver, oregano oil, echinacea, goldenseal, grapefruit seed extract (the list goes on and on).

              Even taking a hot bath to evoke a fever may do the trick.

              Listening to the body is your best bet.