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  • Dressing for salads

    Hey Gang,

    I am just starting out and plan on eating alot of salads. One problem I have is that I only like two types of dressing which are ranch and italian. I have been eating an organic ranch dressing from Whole Foods. Is that bad for primal eating?

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    evoo+lemon juice+honey+mustard+salt and pepper (shake in a jar and pour over your BAS)
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      Yes that organic stuff is bad (It has to be made with some sort of n-6 vegetable oil). If you can find them, there are a few dressings at whole foods that are made with olive oil. Read all the labels and try to find one. Maybe ask the grocer for help... the one I found wasn't even in the salad dressing section of the store.


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        I've been making my own ranch dressing. I buy a ranch seasoning packet and use plain full fat organic yogurt as the base instead of mayo and sour cream. For a little kick, I also add a little Chipotle Tabasco sauce.

        I'm sure that the seasoning has something bad for me in it, but it's a big step up from storebought dressing.

        Either that, or a homemade dijon vinegarette.
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          bayouprimal, i do the same thing w/ranch seasoning but with sour cream then w/a little milk to thin it. Sounds good with the yogurt too!

          EVOO+lemon juice + garlic salt is my favorite dressing though
          my husband likes me to make him one that's EVOO + balsamic vinegar + dijon mustard + herbs
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            I make ranch out of kefir milk. I add some evoo and dry seasonings and herbs (better yet, fresh herbs when I have them) and shake it up. I always have a mason jar of it in the fridge and my kids eat it up. We use it for salad dressing, meat dips, veggie dip. Ranch is good on everything! And it's helped get my kids off the high sugar dips like bbq and ketchup. Sometimes, when I want it thicker, I use cream instead of whole milk in my kefir, or I add some sour cream to the ranch too.


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              Well, I was going to say that Bragg's makes a nice dressing that isn't too far out of line; I knew it had a little honey in it, but didn't realize the Liquid Aminos were soy based until I just looked it up... (ingredients are Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bragg Liquid Aminos, organic honey, organic lemon juice, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic sesame seeds, natural xanthan gum...).

              Yep, homemade seems to be best bet!


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                An really simple dressing is:
                1/2 cup Evoo
                1/2 cup Balsamic (i like a lot of balsamic!)
                1/4 cup fresh salsa!

                The salsa gives it a wonderful taste! Let me know what you think!


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                  I make variations of "Green Goddess" dressings using mashed ripe avocado for the base. Since I like creamy dressings the best this seems to satisfy. Just look a recipe up on or elswhere.
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                    Three cheers for EVOO and lemon juice! I keep bottles of EVOO, Mrs. Dash, and some garlic powder in my desk, so all I have to do is bring in a lemon to squeeze and mix up a quick, yummy dressing.
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                      I just kind of wing it for my tastes.

                      Today it's:
                      Balsamic Vinegar and a smidge of Braggs ACV
                      Garlic Powder
                      Dijon Mustard
                      Smidge of Honey

                      And, it's yummy!

                      Lunch will be a salad with Buffalo and the dressing.

                      Is it lunch time yet?
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                        I'm new to Primal eating, but something I've been doing for a dressing is best described as a home made mayonnaise. I crack a whole egg into a blender and add enough EVOO to cover the blades. I switch on the blender to a medium or fast setting, then drizzle in some more EVOO until I have about a cup's worth of fluffy mayonnaise. I like to mix in some mustard, but you can put in anything. A little citrus juice/zest and some ginger would do well for a salad.


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                          I've made my own ranch. Vinaigrette w/ red wine vinegar, dijon, virgin olive oil, etc. I even made homemade salsa and just added extra virgin olive oil to it a few times. I've also made a thousand island-sort-of dressing. Oh, and bleu cheese, though I'm allergic to it now. Also make my own coleslaw dressing and chinese salad dressing.
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                            Simmer some red wine and balsamic vinegar with chopped garlic until reduced by half. Shake up with olive oil and dijon; add ground red pepper if you like it spicy.

                            BTW, the Pompeian brand balsamic vinegar bottles are great for holding salad dressings once they're empty.
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                              Originally posted by Chaohinon View Post
                              Simmer some red wine and balsamic vinegar with chopped garlic until reduced by half. Shake up some olive oil and dijon; add ground red pepper if you like it spicy.

                              BTW, the Pompeian brand balsamic vinegar bottles are great for holding salad dressings once they're empty.
                              I am going to try this tomorrow - it sounds delicious!