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I'd like to lose 30 pounds as fast as possible? :)

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  • I'd like to lose 30 pounds as fast as possible? :)

    Okay, so let me start off with that I have pcos but have almost beaten it I think! I recently have been just eating healthy around 1500 cals ( I've been under the weather ) but eating healthy just leads me to wanting to eat more.
    I am approx. 25 % body fat and 160-161 pounds. I have no energy to workout but I want to start going to the gym. I do hot yoga on the weekends. Also, I follow my blood type slightly by not eating chicken, I eat turkey etc ( my naturopath recommends sticking to it mostly ). Any way I'd like to be 127lbs as soon as possible I have such a need to be this weight ( I've lost 19 over the summer ) I really see myself at the gym being fit and 127 and I want to be this way. I also have been craving hard boiled eggs and love protein powders and recipes. Can anyone help me with losing 30 lbs as fast as possible!?