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Safe treats for sleep deprived mommy w. MAJOR sugar cravings?

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  • Safe treats for sleep deprived mommy w. MAJOR sugar cravings?

    My very fussy baby is 8 weeks old and I am still barely getting any sleep. At nights I get about 1.5 or 2 hours tops at a time, for a total of about 4 to 5 hour.

    The problem is that all the sleep deprivation is giving me wild sugar cravings. Some days I manage to tough it out. But last night which was especially rough led to really fierce cravings in the morning. I was afraid that toughing it out this time would send me on a binge so instead I made a smoothie. I threw together some cream, full fat greek yogurt, blueberries, flax meal and a teaspoon of honey. (Note that I had given up flax but lately I find that adding it to my smoothies leaves me feeling more satiated and also seems to curb the sugar cravings).

    Are there other QUICK and “SAFE” indulgences that you guys can suggest? So far I do dark chocolate covered almonds, smoothies are a favorite, and I’ve also thrown some dates and coconut butter into the food processor to make “truffles” but that requires a bit more time than I really have these days...

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    Are you breast feeding? If so i would say to indulge in your cravings, your body is telling you something. Plenty of safe ways to get sugar.


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      Agree with the breastfeeding thing, but id still avoid refined and fake sugars where possible.

      make some choc with cacao, coconut oil, and a little coconut sugar. Could be a nice treat.

      Also as for getting more sleep. I got so much more sleep when co-sleeping, just a suggestion. If you do that already, not sure sorry.
      Make life so much easier

      Oh another thing ive made my family is dates, cashews, and coconut blended up and then rolled into balls. The varieties for this are endless, and its a nice sweet treat.


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        If you must have sugar, yep, eat fruit. Just make sure it isn't messing with your satiety signals.

        Dates, figs, or raisins are all great to eat a handful of if you need a sweet hit.

        Or you could make a berry-based smoothie, perhaps some grapes...

        Maybe a square of some nice dark chocolate too, although if I eat chocolate, I've learned to take mine raw and unsweetened.
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          yeah fruits for sure. watermelmon, grapes etc. are quite filling.


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            Fruit! Fruit is your friend. Veggies, too. Just started breast feeding too, and I'm trying not to worry too much about carbs. Instead, I cut back my fat intake a bit, and eat a little more often. Lunch was half a pear with chevre (om nom nom!), and some strawberry banana kefir. Breakfast was a a veggie and cheese omelette with a hunk of ham and at least 2c whole strawberries with a cup of heavy cream (oh and that was hospital food btw, go me *grin* sorry, shameless plug)

            but, yeah, try to get some more carbs in. Make sure you're getting a fair bit of good fat, too. It should help I think.
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              OMG are you sure that is hospital food! Wow, that is awesome!


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                Yep, eat as much starch and fruit as you want right now. Your body is saying it needs easy energy right now so listen.
                • Not that you asked but there are things that are possibly making your baby extra fussy.
                • Food sensitivities are really common so try to pay attention to the time and what you ate.
                • Cranial Sacral can reallllllly help infants, even if they had an easy birth and especially if they didn't.
                • Are you over-producing and causing gas?
                • Remember that some fussing is OK but crying it out isn't (unless you're about to kill someone and then do what you have to do.) Maybe baby just needs a few minutes to settle down.
                • My daughter (and maybe 1 other kid ever) did much better sleeping in her own room. If she smelled me, she had to nurse. I actually wanted to co-sleep or at least keep her in my room but she had other ideas.

                Obviously, disregard these suggestions if they don't work for you. HTH


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                  You're a new mommy, relax! Dark chocolate won't kill you, hell, go for milk chocolate if it'll satisfy your craving. Enjoy your time with your baby, you'll burn the fat off breast feeding anyway from what I've heard.
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                    It might help to know that your situation is very normal (as in, that's the way it is meant to be. Unfortunately, we tend to lack the other part of the situation which helps - having people around to do everything, including feeding you, so you can spend all your time with bub ).

                    Sleep when your baby is asleep. Ignore whatever your mind is saying, you don't need to get that job done, surf the net, have a shower Ok, you do need to listen when it's saying eat or go to the loo.

                    Unfortunately, it isn't true for all women that they burn off the fat. The first six weeks yes, but after that, you probably need to drop your serving sizes back to near normal.

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                      I highly endorse this pancake recipe (just egg, banana and baking soda):
                      Paleo Pancakes (Grain-Free) « Detoxinista
                      It's a good one to have up your sleeve for when your little one is a bit older too. My five-year old and friends love these!

                      Also smoothies with good ingredients. I love: a peach, two raw eggs and a heap of lettuce blended (tastes 100x better than it sounds). Avocados are also good in smoothies, and a little coconut cream.

                      If you like occasional dairy an amazing treat is some ricotta cheese with fresh berries (yoghurt also works but not as well, as does salt-free cottage cheese).
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                        Speaking of chocolate milk, you can try Calorie Countdown if you're looking to keep carbs a little lower. It's not as primal as this next suggestion, but it might be an option. Raw milk with mojo milk mixed in (a chocolate probiotic powder) might be the better choice.
                        Also Lifeway Kefir makes a chocolate truffle flavor that I'm eager to try.

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                        Dr BB, seeing as 2 days ago I saw your pregnancy ticker, I'm off to find your announcement
                        Here ya go:
                        --Trish (Bork)
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