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  • Vitamins

    I'm new and reading the 21-day PB book. I've done lots of reading on the website and in other areas.

    One of my misgivings about this philosophy of the primal blueprint is it seems at time to be contradictory. One of the main sources of contradictions so far is vitamins.

    I just read in the book that vitamins are unnecessary and actually are worse for you. But then I come to the site, where very expensive vitamins are sold.

    How can you say that they are unnecessary and then sell them on the site?

    Just looking for answers

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    Where are these expensive vitamins you speak of?


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      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
      Where are these expensive vitamins you speak of?
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        I didn't read the 21-day book but I've read Primal Blueprint and Mark does recommend some supplements simply because getting all our nutrients from foods grown in depleted soils isn't always easy to do. It takes 3 nutrients for a plant to grow into a big, beautiful plant. Humans, however, need way more than that. Big Agra doesn't care about our nutritional needs. That's one of the reasons why we're supposed to eat local and organic as much as possible, but Mark understands that isn't possible or feasible (or affordable) for everyone.
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          jazzyj, the reason I don't fault Mark for selling his supplements here is because he is so up front about the fact that that is how he makes his living. And he gives away a ton of free content with his blog an d this site. That said, I don't take supplements or feel that they are needed for most people and can even be harmful if overdone. (Exception being if you have a diagnosed deficiency say due to a particular medical condition.)


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            Thanks for the info. I just don't want to buy into something that is gimmicky. These days anything I come across, I usually take most things with a grain of salt and tweak things that work best for me anyhow. I was just curious and wondered if this guy was the "real deal".


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              if you have not done your blood work never take anything

              yes there is an "ap" for that.

              get your vitamins read by a professional and then choose.
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                Originally posted by quelsen View Post
                if you have not done your blood work never take anything.
                Exactly. Too many people take the supplement of the month based on a article that breathlessly states that deficiency in <xyz> is at EPIDEMIC proportions. No. Calm down and have the blood work done. If at all possible supplement any deficiencies with real foods (e.g. eat some liver if you need vitamin A).


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                  Yeah I only take B-complex because it calms my skin. But maybe someday after Primal that will chill out and i won't need that either.

                  I guess this really wasn't about vitamins so much as it was, him saying don't do this, but then turn around and selling the thing he told us not to do. It was more about the legitimacy of all this.