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reached a frustrating plateau-help!



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  • reached a frustrating plateau-help!

    I was very good in 2011 and stuck diligently to being Primal. I steadily lost weight at the rate of 1lb a week despite having Fibromyalgia and CFS so I cant exrcise. I was very pleased. Then my life became so stressed out in 2012, sick daughter, sick father who eventually passed away at the end of October, that my eating went off the rails.

    When being Primal my weight stuck at 9st5lb even though I'd like to be 9st but I was happy with it. Now I'm 9st11lb and despite being 100% Primal since new years day I just cannot shift an ounce. I'd be happy if I'd lost even 1lb in the last 15days. I've fasted, cut back, etc but nada!

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for kickstarting my weight loss and carrying it further down than the 9st 5 so I can reach my goal weight. I was even considering Dukan!!!

    Part of me keeps thinkig, hey ho I'll just eat Primal for health and ignore the weight loss, but its all on my stomach and my new size 10 (english) jeans are getting a bit tight.

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    I kicked startedweight loss after a long plateau by going very low carb and very high fat (moderate protein)... lost 15 lbs.