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UK Readers please sign this government petition

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  • UK Readers please sign this government petition

    I am getting sick of the government promoting 'so-called' healthy eating and stating that some sugar is healthy. I have therefore searched the government e-petitions page and found this - Reduce Sugar Content in Food and Drink - e-petitions where someone is requesting the government reduce sugar in food and drink. It need a lot more signatures so please join me in signing it and passing it on to your friends and families to do the same so we can start having some influence on the health of future generations. Thank you.

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      Are you kidding me? Do you really need to rely on the government to make it so you can't eat as much junk food? Hey, I've got a great idea. How about next time you go to the store and think you want to drink a soda, drink a water instead.

      I guess that's not good enough though. You need the government to hold your hand and make it so, because you aren't capable of making your own decisions. And I bet you LOVE those taxes!!! You might as well make a petition asking the government to both increase taxes and only allow you to eat the foods that they think are good for you so that you don't have to make any decisions at all.

      Enjoy your increased taxes and government control. Go ahead and have yourself a ball!!!


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        Agree with you Rachel. I've signed. Just hope they don't also decide to reduce fat - which we know CW believes to be bad!


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          Thank you to those who have signed and any who sign afterwards.

          In response to 'ripped', not everyone reads all the information on healthy eating but assumes that the information given to them by the government and therefore their doctors is correct. They feel like they are doing the right thing for their health but are not and these are the people that I feel we should be campaigning for.


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            I agree that incorrect information is given out to people here. I am a diabetic (steroid induced sadly) and attended an educational day where I was told to eat 3-4 different grains a day. i now know that won't help me at all.

            Sadly I doubt petitions will do anything, you need 100,000 responses before the issue even gets brought up in Parliament and to be honest, they aren't going to vote against banning mars bars and bottles of coke. think of the corporation tax that companies like schweppes and mars will pay, not to mention the 1000's of people they employ.

            I agree change needs to be made but I think the only real way of doing it is by 'getting the word out' if people don't want to give up eating junk they won't just because the govt says so.