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What does a craving for salt mean?

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  • What does a craving for salt mean?

    I am an iodine taker. I used to only take 1/2 of an Iodoral and now I take a whole one after my latest bloodwork, which showed my TSH had jumped from 1.2 before pregnancy to over 2 after pregnancy. I still crave salt even though i use a lot of iodine salt and eat a lot of seafood. What could possibly going on? My body balancing back out after pregnancy? I have some symptoms of hypothyroid....should I increase the Iodoral some more? I take it with Selenium btw to prevent any ill-effects.

    Thank you!

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    Could be low adrenals. Since you have thyroid issues, that further indicates poor adrenal function. The thyroid will down regulate your metabolism to spare your adrenals, the iodine could actually be making things worse by trying to go around that safety mechanism.

    I would work on the adrenals. That means sleeping as much as your body requires, making sure you don't have any blood sugar issues that your adrenals are having to deal with ( , good nutrition, and you an look into what nutrients are good for the adrenals . I would recommend dr Wilson's adrenal super adrenal stress formula, adrenal c formula and b vitamins particularly pantothenic acid.

    A test of adrenal function are taking the blood pressure sitting, then right after standing up. I shouldn't go down, it should go up 5 -10 points. Also you can check your pupils with a pen light. Here's more info on these:

    I would recommend consumption of himalayan or celtic sea salt.

    BTW, one of the symptoms of adrenal issues is difficulty going to sleep and difficulty getting up. I never had trouble going to sleep. I always slept like a rock. Did have a hard time getting up though!
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      This is very helpful thank you! I am having sleep problems due to waking with my daughter at night for feedings. I do have issues falling asleep and then I don't want to get up either in the mornings. Described me to a T. I guess I should cut the Iodoral out then. Thanks!