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Is Chobani an acceptable brand of greek yogurt?

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    Thanks 14emom. I think I will wait off until the season warms up a bit perhaps, as my roomates are rather...frugal...and like to keep the heat down. Though, this calls for a crock pot - which where I'm from, is a slow cooker device - are any of the settings good enough to keep it warm, without a towel or blanket wrap? Or is that the wrong kind of crock pot - I've known a few people use that word for ceramic dishes, like a casarole pot.

    I am apparently fortunate, however: According to something I read a few weeks ago while searching for local sources of delicious meat (and dairy), I gleaned that there's a goat...herding man...(goatherd?) not far from me. I may be able to try my hand at old-school Classical Age Greek yogurt. I know they did it with goat milk alone (practically everything with goat milk actually).

    I may also try making my own starter - I'll have to research that when I get the time - though I'll probably do my first experiments with a commercial one.



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      Originally posted by healthy11 View Post
      Trader Joe's has their own full fat Greek yogurt
      I don't think the TJs around here sell that . All I see is 0% and 2% TJs Greek.


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        A crock pot on the warm setting is 150°F, so it will not work to "incubate" the yogurt.
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          My goto for store bought if I'm not making it myself is Cabot 10%.

          If I'm making it myself I substitute 1/4 of the whole milk (I use raw and don't heat it as high to keep it that way) with HWC to increase the fat and make it delicious.
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            Basically I add one tablespoon of yogurt per quart of warmed milk (110 degrees). I do mine in quart jars and then put them in a thermos (old school red going to work version) to control the temperature. Leave it for 24 hours. Then there's yogurt.


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              Any yogurt that's plain and full-fat should be good. See if your grocer has a store-brand yogurt
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