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What brand of eggs?

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  • What brand of eggs?

    Although I would like to get pasture-raised eggs, I don't have access to those at the moment. Is there any difference between higher priced brands and store brand eggs?

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    You can order them in packs of 4 or 8 dozen from Tropical Traditions. They're pricey, but they're soy free.
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      There no way I can afford $10/dozen eggs...


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        I get Christopher Eggs (Private Selection at Kroger - in a brown cardboard carton) when I can't get pastured eggs for some reason. Maybe not ideal, but better than standard I think:

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          i completely get the cost of pastured eggs being a hurdle to getting them. i get them from time to time, but mostly my eggs come from the grocery store.

          the more expensive ones can be better. don't be taken by any sales ploys like "cage free" or "omega enhanced" since those don't really mean the chickens are eating anything better. the ones i usually go for is a local brand (well, within 150 miles probably) that are antibiotic and drug free. my guess is they're not pastured, but there a lot better than the 99 cent dozen that i know are crappy...i save those for when i'm cooking for company.


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            Here's an organic egg scorecard: The Cornucopia Institute


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              Check for local farms.