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Do any of you count calories?

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    I count them because I can eat too little, and then my body goes into starvation mode. Not everybody likes to count, it's an individual thing. I like to count too because I like information. Just the way I'm built.


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      I used to have insecurities with counting calories and food, so counting calories brings back my general craziness/food issues. On days when I count calories earlier in the day, I end up overconsuming at the end of the day. If I add up and look at stuff at the end of the day, right before sleeping, I am dandy at my maintenance/slightly less than maintenance.

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        Being new to the PB diet, I don't count my calories per se, but I DO watch my ratio of carb/protein/fat. I'm trying to stay around the 15/35/50 or so for carb/protein/fat ratios. I feel that if I am able to roughly stay at that, then my appetite really does self-regulate as others have mentioned before. Before, when I had roughly half carbs, I would get much hungrier quickly.