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An increase in cancer

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  • An increase in cancer

    A report came out here in Thailand, yesterday, that says cancer rates are increasing. It said 7 Thais an hour die from cancer daily and it's Thailand`s number one killer. The worst offender is colon cancer.

    This got me thinking, as, by living here, surely I am just as at risk as the local population.

    There was a lot of speculation as to what is fueling the increase. Meat consumption was listed as the most likely factor .

    While it's true that meat products are more widely available and cheaper than ever, it's also true that they are factory farmed, full of anti biotics and hormones, and who knows what! But is that really the cause?

    All the crops are sprayed, the water is polluted, and the air subject to a yearly burning off, making some of the areas in the north extremely hazardous for lung cancer, with some of the highest rates in the world.

    I know that some cancer research is starting to link fructose and sugar consumption to cancer, and the Thais do have a sweet tooth, for sure. And diabetes and obesity rates are soarinig also (where aren't the they?) Along with 7 11 outlets and fast food joints.

    But can this be enough to say, this is what's causing it, and this is why it is COLON cancer, inparticular.

    For a nation that grew up on bananas, mangoes and pineapples, they must be some what adapted to sugar!

    I guess if anyone knew why it was increasing and what was causing it there would be no cancer research! But could increasing meat consumption be it? Really?
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    I think pinning it on one thing or another is probably rudimentary. It's probably thousands of variables, some greater than others. If we adhere to diets that correlate with health and longevity, or revert back to what it was like before the increase in cancer rates, we have a better defense system. There are more variables than just diet though. Environmental factors, stress, and nutrient-depleted soils to name a few. Eat real food that eats real food.
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      i think colon cancer is more common among smokers. any kind of tobacco use increases likelyhood of colon cancer. it may be other factors than food, believe it or not.


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        AFAIK, a lot of Asians have switched from traditional cooking oils to "healthy" vegetable oils in recent decades. They are also increasingly eating western foods. Probably eating less fermented food. There are many candidates
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