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Gluten and wtf is wrong with wheat in the Americas



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  • Gluten and wtf is wrong with wheat in the Americas

    Pertinent article recently in the New York Times:

    Gluten-Free for the Gluten Sensitive -

    The article itself is annoying in that CW kind of way that brings up the question of gluten being bad and then mostly dismisses it, and that self-diagnosis is bad and you should consult your doctor first and blah blah. It even mentions that wheat was only introduced into the human diet at the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, which we all know here already of course, yet also dismisses low carb diets as having been only a fad 10 years ago... (and not now? which I beg to differ with; this forum alone today has over 440 registered users logged in and nearly 5000 browsing it, what other diet-focused forums has as much activity? I'm curious, because I don't know, but 5000 people on one forum sounds like strong interest and not just a fad to me.)

    And like usual, real wisdom appears in the comments.

    One of the more interesting things in the comments is that there is more than one person who says that they are gluten intolerant, but when they visited Germany they had ZERO problems eating all the wheat foods they wanted.

    Which brings the question, wtf if wrong with wheat in America (and Canadian hard wheat, causing a rise in gluten intolerance in Italy) that it is causing this issue? GMO, higher gluten content in general, pesticides, how it is processed?

    And reminds me of how there are people on these forums who can drink raw milk with no problems but experience lactose intolerance to ultra pasteurized dairy (perhaps the unnaturally high heat is cooking some of the protein into unnatural/irritating forms).
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    I am gluten-intolerant and had trouble with wheat and rye bread in Germany.
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      I don't know about wheat there. I began my PB journey while stationed in Germany and immediately felt relief when I stopped eating pasta in particular (I can occasionally have a piece of bread offered to me without horrible effects, but pasta is a no-go always). Once we returned to the States in mid-2011 it became very difficult to keep up the results. I think the food in general here is very different, to include meat and veggies. I now realize I absolutely must look for the best (organic or grass-fed when possible and affordable) to keep the same easy results. Maybe if I started PB here it wouldn't be so hard? I don't know, but I think the crap we allow to go on with our food supply here is a huge problem.
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        I had read somewhere that we have genetically engineered wheat in the US to be 80% gluten now. Also you have to figure that in the US wheat is in so many things that probably many of us develop allergies just from over-exposure. Toast or pancakes for breakfast, sandwich at lunch, Pasta with garlic bread at dinner. Our cereals are made largely of wheat. Wheat is a filler in many things. It's just ubiquitous.
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