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Please HELP with wheat withdrawal

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  • Please HELP with wheat withdrawal

    Hi everyone,

    I was doing a wonderful job of eating primally and feeling wonderful. Then Hurricane Sandy hit and we had to stay in a place where we were only offered pasta for meals. I tried to find a way to keep going but could not. I have not been able to get back since. Every day I wake up and make a good breakfast of bacon and eggs and swear that I will be able to do this but by the evening I'm like a junkie, rummaging through the house and eating every suger/wheat laden food I can grab. I can't seem to stop. Its like wrestling with demons. I don't think I can spend all my nights like this. I don't know why its so hard this time.

    I am eating good fats -- whole eggs, fatty meats etc. Please if you have any suggestions, I'm feeling a little desperate and defeated.



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    Donate all your non-primal foods. Can't eat it if it's not in the house.
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      For me the thing that's helped the most in terms of diverting the cravings for junk food has been bananas, dates and dark chocolate. I know you have to limit these foods as well but they're more satisfying.
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        Yep, rid the house of it. We did that January 2nd, and found the cravings for sweets were gone in a couple of days.


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          I've had a long habit of eating bread toasted with cheese, or chocolate, or both, and cookies, etc., to help with sleep. I'm a natural grazer and that makes it worse. What has helped me is learning in more detail the bad effects this has on my body. Last time I went into an office and saw a woman eating a muffin. It was hard not to say to her "think of what you're doing to your body". I didn't say it, but I do think of it whenever I see food.
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            Hi everyone,

            Thanks for the replies. I should have said in the original post that the rest of my family is NOT primal or low carb and is not going to join me, at least not in the near future. So for the moment at least, wheat based products are staying. I need to find a way to fight the urge to graze even though I know everything is within arms reach.

            Thanks everyone!


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              have you tried having things like nuts and dark chocolate around to graze on instead? chicken wings in the fridge with some hot sauce? honestly the only way i got through the first week of intense carb withdrawal and cravings was dark chocolate and macadamia nuts. not the best for weight loss, but definitely helped me with the headaches and cravings i was getting. one night my headache was so bad i couldnt move my head and husband was very worried and thinking of taking me to the emergency room. wheat-headache it seems. i was 10000% better the next day.


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                My first two weeks sugar/wheat-free required me to drink copious amounts of jasmine tea. The jasmine gave me enough of a sweet sensation that I could get by (in combination with a lot of raw almonds). But I've cheated so now I'm going through it again


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                  You should do some reading on food addiction. It's not physiological hunger that is driving your need for wheat, it is your brain's reward system calling for something to stimulate it.

                  The best thing you can do for yourself is to try to avoid these products completely, otherwise they will get a grip on you and it will be hard to stop eating them.

                  Try to keep these foods out of sight if you can, too bad you can't just toss them out because that would probably best. The book "The End of Overeating" has some great tips on this.

                  Getting back on the wagon is tough as hell. I don't think there is any easy way to do that. I can definitely relate to how you feel, I've been there myself more often than I care to remember.
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                    Make every primal meal count. Everything you eat should be top quality and extremely satisfying. It should feel like decadent splurge, not just something you eat to fend off the binge demon.

                    Nothing renews my primal resolve better than a few days of steak and a big ass salad with avocado and bacon, and butter by the spoonful.
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                      I find that keeping a bag of Terra chips around helps with cravings for bad things. Can't say about wheat specifically because I'm celiac and was so happy to give it up and not have people ask me if I had cancer anymore (yes, that actually happened).


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                        Hi everyone,

                        I have made some real progress since I first posted. I thought I would share in case anyone else out there is struggling. The key for me was stumbling across the work of Stephan Guyenet. He talks about the affect of hyperpalitablity of certain foods and how those foods can trigger cravings and overeating. He also talks about the affects of combinations of foods. Even though each ingredient may be fine, when put together, the food takes on a life of its own. For me this explains why a plain baked potatoe or a plain stick of butter won't do anything for me, but put them together and i will end up gobbling until I hurt and scrounging for more....of anything!

                        Basically, I kept triggering myself with foods I considered paleo safe. (Nuts, good cheese, etc.) I just refused to believe that they could be triggering me the way sugar did. But, I understand now that whether or not a food is "paleo" or "low carb" is not the only question. If it triggers me, its out! So I have started concentrating on whole foods that actually satisfy me. A food should make me feel full and content, not crazed and licking the plate! This has helped tremendously. I have to experiment a little to figure out what those foods are. But I definitely feel more in control and so much more satisfied.

                        Thanks everyone for the great advice.


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                          What I would do is make in the morning a big chocolate coconut smoothie and everytime I was tempted to eat junk
                          I would sip some of it. The fat and the sweetness of it should help manage cravings:
                          1 can coconut milk
                          1 frozen banana cut in chunks
                          2 tbs cocoa powder
                          1 tsp honey
                          1 tsp cinnamon
                          Blend all together in a blender.
                          I hope you can jump back on the wagon soon! We're rooting for you!


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                            Sounds like you got a handle on it,
                            I suppose that's one of the key lessons that there is sugar in our dna programming and you can reduce the addiction, but it will always be there, and ofcourse the psychology thing.

                            I still find myself licking the plate, just can't seem to waste a good bit of bacon fat.
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                              Yeah bacon fat is yummy! Especially covered with egg yolk!

                              I have also found that I do much better on two larger meals then on several smaller ones. Those small snack size meals never seemed to satisfy me and always left me impatient to eat again. It took a while to give myself permission to eat a big, delicious breakfast. But doing so leaves me satisfied for hours and hours. I have decided that I really hate snacking. Maybe its psychological, but those small meals just keep me obsessing over food all day long.