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Gut issues ANY advice really appreciated

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  • Gut issues ANY advice really appreciated

    HI everyone
    I hope someone could help.

    I have been paleo for a few months and most of the expected benefits are there, feeling more energy, etc etc but the one thing I am finding which is really spoiling the whole paleo thing is that I get an ache in an area about 1-2 inches below my sternum, i guess almost 1/2 way between sternum and belly button about 2 hours after eating. This ache is not a severe pain but it is very annoying.

    If I eat something it usually goes, if I dont it usually stays for another hour or more then ends up going.

    It appears that concentrated protein makes it worse, so if for instance I have something like chicken and butternut squash with ghee for breakfast I get it 2 hours later, if I just have butternut squash with ghee it doesn't happen.

    I think the area in question might be the small intestine, possibly inflamed or irritated a bit, as it does not happen when I eat, but hours after.

    I have tried hcl supplements, they seem to make it worse. Digestive enzyme caps dont seem to make a difference.

    I don't know whether to eat small meals every 2 hours or so to stop the area being empty? after my evening meal I never get the feeling and its not there through the night as far as I know.

    I hope I can sort this out somehow as obviously paleo is the way to go for better health.


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    That's gonna be tough for anyone to help diagnose. Pain in the intestinal area is not a very reliable indicator since there are so few nerve endings in the organs, for instance kidney problems often show up as back pain. You may need to see a doctor on this one or do some elimination tests yourself.

    Good luck!


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      You said you are recently primal, so I am guessing you we're eating grains/gluten prior to that? My guess is that you are on the track and you have an already irritated gut from the prior years of grain/gluten consumption or possibly a food intolerance you are not aware of.

      My story is similar: I lived with gut pain for years with no apparent cause and got tested for everything. Ulcer? nope. crohns? nope? H pylori? Nope. Bacteria? Nope. Etc, etc.... Finally a year and a half ago that I am celiac so of course I eliminated gluten. Funny thing was after several months gluten free I didnt feel any better and the stomach pain still came and went. It was so frustrating. I then found out I am casein and whey intolerant. From that point my gut healing could finally begin. I also learned throughout my healing process there were some foods were just hard for me to digest. Period. In my case, whole nuts and raw vegetables would often cause issues. Something that helped me was repairvite by apex energetics. I know you said you tried digestive enzymes, but the healing could take a while.

      If I were in your shoes I would first get tested for food intolerances. Rule that out. Second, I would try the digestive supplement again and stick with it for 2 to 3 months. And know that you may still get pain from hard to digest foods during this time. I wish someone had told me that! Guts don't heal fast. Last resort, I would get an endoscopy. I did and that is how my intestinal atrophy and inflammation was found.

      Good luck!


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        I'd advice you to seek medical advice ASAP. Pain in the body is a signal that something is wrong, and it's better to get a medical opinion (along with appropriate diagnostic tests) than to guess.

        Many years ago, my father had a similar pain--which he ignored. Several months later, my brother was visiting him and stayed overnight. He woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom--and found our father unconscious on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. His ulcer (the cause of that pain he ignored) was bleeding, and had my brother not been visiting, it's unlikely that my father would have survived.


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          Today I was treated to an awesome Brunch at one of those expensive restaurants. I ate like a pig. Here's a list (I hope I can remember it all) 2 egg omlette, 4 bacon, big fat link sausage, fruit, lox with cream cheese, oysters and mussles, 3 baby lamb chops with mint jelly and horseradish sauce, 3 slices rare roast beef, crab legs, 1 chile relleno, 1 small asian cabbage type ( the only veggie they had except salad). A ton of protean.

          I used to get the same soreness you speak of every time I ate, and in the same place. It is not really pain, nor sharp, just uncomfortable. Now I haven't had it for a month, until today. I sure have it now. It will go away in about 1 hour. I'm having a light soup for dinner.

          I think if you just stay very PB and give it time, probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes, and give it a few more months, it will go away.
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