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  • Help w/ blood tests please!

    Ok, I know that total cholesterol is pretty meaningless most of the time. However, I would like some help w/ interpreting my girlfriend's latest test results. In some ways it is better than previous results (better ratios), but should we be at all worried about the LDL and Total (250 is lowest all cause mortality for women, but what about higher levels)? We are mostly primal in the food department. She takes t4, vitamin d 5000iu, sea kelp, cinnamon + chromium, baby aspirin, and na-r alpha lipoid acid. Before primal (2 years ago), she had a particle test above 2000. Will prob ask for another NMR test, but what should we do if LDL-P is still in the upper percentiles? Here is the test from last week-

    Total cholesterol: 357
    Trigs: 110
    HDL: 76
    LDL: 259

    Other tests:

    A1c: 5.6
    TSH: 1.23

    She is 5'3 and weighs 125lbs.

    Her previous lipid panel 4 mos. ago-

    Total Cholesterol: 270
    Trigs: 130
    HDL: 56
    LDL: 188

    Lipid Panel 1 year ago (about 2 mos. primal, she has lost 30 lbs, and continued being mostly primal since)-

    Total Cholesterol: 257
    Trigs: 89
    HDL: 50
    LDL: 189