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Anyone heard of this guy?



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    Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
    Hm, thanks for the link, but I guess I'd have to watch the videos to see the research. Honestly, I'd rather read it myself than take his word for it.
    You wouldn't see the research by watching his videos but only by reading the papers for yourself. I can't tell you how many times I've seen PP misinterpret or put his vegan spin on a study. If needed I can provide many examples.


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      I seek no credit

      If anyone finds any mistakes in his video's then point them out to him, he'll give you credit and update his webpage.

      I never heard of this person before two days ago. I was watching a youtube video he putout criticizing Dr Robert Lustig's lack of knowledge with regards to nutrition. . Half way thru the video I couldn't take it any longer so I commented . Twice to be exact. Then I promised to continue watching the video without any further commentary. ( I could have left five more comments but what was the point) This guy was guilty of what he was accusing Lustig of doing . He did actually reply to my criticism saying that he would make the corrections that I made him aware of. Small consolation indeed. The mistakes are still in the video aren't they? What if I hadn't commented ? If the viewer doesn't bother to read the comments, they would be completely unaware of the mistakes. I'm just saying.

      Thomas Jefferson quote: One can avoid criticism in three ways. By saying nothing , by doing nothing and by being nothing.