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  • New favorite whey protein!

    I know some people who live by PB standards don't take whey protein (and that's absolutely fine). But for me, after I have a good ole fashioned PB workout I do like to consume a whey isolate drink since its an easy and quick way (pun intended) to get some protein to my muscles. Anywhey, I have prefered Jay Robb's whey isolate for the longest time since it has minimal ingredients, all natural, etc., but a few weeks ago I came across a brand called "About Time" which also makes a whey protein powder. I saw it on amazon, tried a couple of their sample shaker bottles of the birthday cake flavor, and was hooked! The price on amazon is extremely affordable for such a quality protein supplement, that I had to share it with you. I am currently using the mocha mint flavor, which is phenomenally tasty (almost on par with a nice pork shoulder). Highly recommend this company if you are looking for an all-natural whey isolate for a great deal. Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 2 Pounds: Health & Personal Care

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    Sounds good. I'm always looking for protein powders that are under $50 per 2 lb tub. The one I have right now is left over from my pre-primal days and has sucralose in it. Just trying to finish it off... and your suggestion may be my next purchase!
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      I think I might get this one once my generic "Body Fortress" tub runs out. Read a bit about heavy metal contamination in powders, though, and they use GMO's and questionable fillers. I'll check it out...



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        Im leery of any porduct with "natural flavors" in the ingredient list.


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          I've been using Bob's Red Mill All Natural Whey Protein Concentrate. Two ingredients, Whey Protein Concentrate and soy lecithin. It's very smooth and has little taste, and is reasonably priced. On Amazon it's $40ish for 4 12oz packages.

          I'm not sure how it stacks up for serious lifters, but I like it.