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Is there a conspiracy behind the vegan agenda? Just a thought

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    Originally posted by hazmat View Post
    In regards to people it's not a conspiracy. Those people just think it's the right way to eat and I really could care less.

    Where I do think it crosses over into conspiracy land is the fact that the government, RD's, pretend health associations like the AHA all seem to be pushing anti meat agenda in their dietary plans. Basically I think the message has two purposes.

    1) Animal fat is really not that profitable. Profit margins on butter, bacon, milk, red meat have to be much lower then processed junc garbage made in a biotechnology lab.

    2) I generally believe that if you want to create an unhealthy population that taking animal fat out of humans diet will accomplish that. Most of our bodies are saturated fat. Where are you getting fat soluble vitamins A, D, K when you cut animal fat?

    So I think it's a conspiracy to make money. The more low fat junk people eat the richer the food, drug and biotechnology companies become on the front side through sales of garbage and on the back side selling statins and chemo.
    Right, this is what I'm talking about. Maybe more of an "agenda" than a conspiracy. Politics.