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Anyone ever fire their physician?

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    I fired one doc and went back to the one that wasn't an endocrinologist.
    The one I fired set up an appointment for me and failed to keep it. I came in (mind you, my job was half an hour away, so that's already an hour off work) for my appointment and waited my turn. When my appointment time had been an hour past, I walked up to the window and asked when she might get to me. The receptionist (mind you, the one I checked in with and told I had an appointment) told me that my appointment wasn't until the next day, so I'd hafta wait. I pulled out the little appointment card and showed them that it was, in fact, that day. They refused to honor the appointment I had been told, so I walked out and never went back.
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      I am looking around for sure. I am not thrilled with my current one who is a bit of a know it all. Similar issue with thyroid only he wasn't testing for free T3 etc. despite me asking many times. Was on Synthroid felt no better. Seeing a Naturopath now too, who tested and showed me to be very low T3. This reg. doc also wanted me likely on statins. I said no, I would do it through diet. He isn't the sort of Doctor that likes to be questioned. So doesn't work well for me.
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        Just tell your physician that you find the data on the use of statins for the primary prevention of heart disease to be very unconvincing - tell him that given the current controversy in the medical literature, he surely must understand your concerns. If not, he is not very up to date of the literature. The rate of heart attack does drop a little, but the all-cause mortality does not change. Plus there are legitimate questions about the recruiting in to those studies.

        My doctor will never be in charge of what I take. They may offer their educated opinions, but in the end they must respect my decision.
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          I've fired my nurse practitioner and I'm interviewing GP's. I've decided that MD's are like lawyers, accountants and other professionals. They need to be interviewed before making a commitment to hire them.


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            I fired my doc and changed my entire primary care provider for two reasons. First, I have Raynaud's Syndrome, which impacts my circulation. I also have average/lower average BP (100/60 to about 110/70). My doc recommended I go on BP med to help counter my Raynaud attacks. thanks. But the second, and bigger, reason was my cholesterol. My readings back in August 2011 were outside of the doc's comfort zone. Total well over 300; LDL over 200. Yes, both high. But my HDL was 121 -- and my doc's office said it was too high. My tris were under 40 -- and my doc's office said they were too low. They said STATIN!

            That was when I walked from them.

            I would love to get a primal-knowledgable doc near me, but sadly, there aren't any. So I just have a doc that a friend highly recommended. (The doc suggested I try the Mediterranean Diet. Which, I suppose, is better than CW. Still.) I basically don't go unless I have a horrible sore throat/sinus pressure that doesn't clear up in a few days.
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              The only reason I go to a medical doctor is to get the results of the blood tests and potential diagnosis. Has the allopathic medical model ever cured anything? It's unfortunate that these doctors probably mean well and some of them are very smart but the methods they are taught about how to treat disease is just so backwards. It's just a for profit system disease care system. Unless you find an MD who has educated themselves on nutrition and fixing the body listening to them is pretty much worthless.

              I live in Nassau county also and my in laws's GP gives out antibiotics like it's candy. Got a cold, here's another course. The entire family is on so many drugs it baffles me. Statins, SSRI's, blood pressure, sleeping pills, antibiotics. How does the liver even function?