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Pancreatic enzymes anyone??

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  • Pancreatic enzymes anyone??

    Hi, I am new to this forum, although I've been a huge fan of Mark's website for a long time. I have been grain free for almost a year (minus quite a few major cheats around holidays), as well as sugar free, caffeine free, crap food free. Doing this has taken care of a numerous amount of health issues I had, but now I am left with fatigue (going on 3 years of fatigue now.) Let me note that I have been completely gluten free for months now, also.

    Recent lab test results show I am greatly deficient in good gut bacteria, as well as my pancreas making minimal amounts of pancreatic enzymes (around a level of 160 when should be 500...). Thus I am on pancreatic enzymes, a pro-biotic, and betaine (for stomach acidity).

    Ok the QUESTION IS: has anyone used pancreatic enzymes and gotten good results? Have you noticed higher energy levels? How long did it take to notice results? If you have become well from using these enzymes, how long did it take from starting the enzymes to completely healthy and well being?

    All I want is some encouragement and inspiration to build up my hopes. I have tried too many things in the past and got zero results for energy, I fear I have become full of doubt in every new thing I try!

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to reply!