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  • My Liver Revelation

    Ok, so we all know just how fantastic liver is for us. I love the mild taste of chicken livers, but I'm still working toward consuming real beef liver with actual enjoyment (I know, bacon and onions, but adult beef liver is pretty strong stuff, even compared to calve's liver).

    My wife has hit upon a solution, however:

    Cut the liver into strips or small chunks and place them in a food processor, just enough to cover the blades. Pulse until smooth, scraping down the sides of the bowl and stirring every ten pulses or so.

    Pour the liver puree into an ice cube tray. After freezing for 2 weeks (so as to kill any parasites that might be lurking therein, as unlikely as that may be), pop the cubes out of the tray and onto a cutting board. The tops of the cubes will be brown. Don't worry, this is just oxidation of the iron at the surface, just like happens to red meat in the refrigerator.

    Cut the frozen cubes with a heavy knife, essentially dicing them into swallowable smaller cubes. Store in a ziploc bag and dose out as you see fit, swallowing with a glass of water as you would with any normal pill.

    I usually work on 2 or 3 cubes at a time so they don't get too melty and messy, putting the tray back in the freezer while I work.

    Someday, I hope to actually enjoy beef liver. Until then, I can put it down raw and difficulty-free with only a little more effort than it would take to cook it.
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    Good idea! Your wife is a smart lady.


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      Any other organ meat hacks people would like to share?
      Give me liberty. Exploration of other options will be vigorously discouraged.

      Wondering something sciencey? Ask me in my Ask a Biochemist Thread


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        I've been thinking about making pate?


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          I just add the liver to spag sauce (well for squash). Or to other spicy dishes so that the flavor will be covered up.
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            Can't really choke down liver now a days... LOVED it with onions as a kid... weird huh??? What about sauteing it in BACON FAT!!! Would that even taste good... Bacon makes it all better... I actually rubbed a steak down with bacon fat the other day... It was DE---LISH!


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              Currently making chopped chicken liver as we speak -- lots of onions in the pan with the livers. After they're fully cooked, going to run them through the meat grinder attachement on the mixer with some hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise. (Gotta keep it kohser-style.)

              Actually, I'm making this batch for my MIL. She's 80+, has had two strokes and is in extremely poor health. I made some a couple of weeks ago for Passover and her helper told me that she really enjoyed eating it, albeit in small doses. Definitely better for her than her usual cookies and cr*p!


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                One word: horseradish

                I don't like liver when it's fully cooked. It seems dry and has a bad texture and after taste.

                Better with onions, lots of bacon, and just barely seared on both sides. I like it better when it's nearly raw in the middle, but still warm. I get the onions and bacon almost ready to eat, heat up the pan a bit more, sear the liver on both sides, and serve it all up.

                I used to like it rare with onions but dredged in wheat germ. Can't do that anymore, obviously.


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                  I was gonna buy some liver at the store today, had no idea it had such a rancid taste... I also thought it had a pretty hefty toxin load, considering it IS..well, a LIVER after all... What exactly does it taste like?? What about tongue or heart?? I keep hearing organ meats are the way to go. Hey why not?
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                    Beef tongue is really tasty. I ate it growing up.


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                      Jessjane, very fresh liver from grassfed young animals is the way to go, since as you say liver can collect toxins and heavy metals.

                      Calf liver or lamb liver have a lighter taste than their adult versions.

                      Freshness is of course very important.

                      Liver has a stronger taste than the other organ meats, with kidney a distant second. On the other hand, liver is a powerhouse for nutrition, far more than the other organs. Heart is excellent though, with Co-Q10 in it. It tastes very nice, I think. I have it rare with onions or horseradish.

                      I haven't tried brains or tongue. I probably should try tongue. Brains gross me out, just the idea.


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                        Of the organs I think heart is actually easiest to start with. If you made a beef stew with a mix of regular stew meat and heart, or a burger with 50/50 ground beef and ground heart, some people might even notice if you didn't tell them in advance.

                        Tongue also pretty 'regular' tasting, just have to cook and peel; but probably fewer nutrients than the others.

                        For liver I often soak it overnight in water with vinegar and this helps take out some of the funk. As others have mentioned searing is best; overcooked it becomes tough and dry. Liver is good in pates also, the texture is nice and smooth after running it through a food processor.

                        Kidneys demand even more treatment; I parboil those for a few minutes, then take out the tough inner membrane. This really has to be taken out to make the kidneys edible. Lately I have been making stews from mostly heart and some kidney (after taking care of the kidneys this way). There are some recipes out there for quickly sauteed kidneys, often in a mushroom sauce, but I think you need a really fresh veal kidney (ie mild taste compared to beef) for this to taste good.

                        Roasted bone marrow is the best! But for me this is either an appetizer (or dessert) since not enough protein for main course.

                        Brains are also mild but much harder to locate. Tripe (I've had it a few times in restaurants in SF) probably the most troublesome but if you want some 'guts' then maybe eating a stomach is the thing to do.


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                          Yeah, tongue and heart are great. You have to slow cook them, though. Otherwise they get way chewy. I've never prepared tripe for myself, but I eat it all the time simmered in vietnamese pho (a broth with rice noodles and various herbs and vegetables into which raw beef meat and organs are placed just before serving).
                          Give me liberty. Exploration of other options will be vigorously discouraged.

                          Wondering something sciencey? Ask me in my Ask a Biochemist Thread


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                            Sweetbreads are best when battered and deep-fried and served with a squeeze of lemon - they have the texture of fried oysters. I haven't had them this way in years but now I have a fierce craving!

                            I love liver - and all organs, actually. My dad is a butcher in Brasil so I grew up eating all these things.


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                              One of the best ways I know of for eating delicious liver with other organs is by eating Liverwurst or Braunschweiger. I used to eat this all the time when I was a kid and just recently started craving it. I could not find it anywhere in Seattle that was made from grassfed or sustainably raised animals so I ordered it online from US Wellness meats a couple of days ago. It should be here tomorrow afternoon. I will let you know how it is. I also ordered Pemmican from them. When we were kids we used to eat liverwurst on white bread with butter and onions. I guess I will skip the white bread and roll it in a big ole lettuce leaf. hmmmmm I can't wait.